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Advice for beginning kayakers

When she’s not caring for patients in the spring, summer and fall, nurse Sarah Martin makes time for kayaking at least once a week. “I love to be in nature. I love the peacefulness of it. When you are out … Continue reading

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Volunteer firefighters thrive on thank you’s

Several Upstate employees extend public service into their private lives, as volunteer firefighters. Meet seven public safety officers who do: Dominick Albanese, 21 Moyers Corners Fire Department. Experience: almost 2 years Roles: interior firefighter. “My duty is to respond to … Continue reading

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Cancer Center dominates coverage in Physicians Practice

The September issue of Physicians Practice magazine showcases the new Upstate Cancer Center. This is a publication that is distributed to doctors’ offices throughout Syracuse and the Central New York region. Starting with the headline “Upstate strengthens cancer care options with … Continue reading

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‘Clear thinking requires courage’ said the late Dr. Szasz

  Legendary psychiatrist Thomas Szasz MD (1920-2012) was a professor at Upstate when the hospitals were built 50 years ago. Around that time (1961), Szasz’s “Myth of Mental Illness,” was first published. Considered to be the most influential critique of … Continue reading

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How to help your loved one consume enough calories

Cancer and its treatments can reduce a person’s appetite, putting them in danger of losing too much weight. Registered dietitian Maria Erdman says spreading “meals” into smaller servings of food throughout the day can help. So can eating slowly and … Continue reading

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She’s so Syracuse, she remembers Renwick Place

The 50th anniversary of the opening of the Upstate hospitals and the “I’m so Syracuse” memory project inspire the question, “What was Upstate’s downtown location like before the hospital was built?” Answers can be found in a 1960 “SUNY Upstate … Continue reading

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Battling cancer and saving kids at the Waters Center

Richard Sills MD was a high school student in 1964, the year that Upstate’s hospitals opened. At that time, he laments, “almost nobody survived childhood cancer.” The medical specialty of pediatric hematology-oncology was new in those days and William Waters … Continue reading

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Surgeon specializes in treating diabetics

People who have diabetes are at increased risk of lower leg amputation. The disease may diminish blood flow and sensation in their feet, and it may impair vision, so any wound is not readily apparent. Then because their immune system … Continue reading

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Ridlon wildflower painting hangs in hospital lobby

Wildflowers adorn the lobby of Upstate University Hospital downtown, in a painting called “Goldenrod and Wild Asters.” The painting is the largest from artist Jim Ridlon’s garden series. It consists of 30 9-by-12-inch painting he made over a year at fields … Continue reading

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Numbers help tell the story of the Upstate Cancer Center

17.4 million dollars were raised through the Foundation for Upstate — drawn from 18,449 gifts and pledges — to help build the $74 million Upstate Cancer Center. 140 villages, towns or cities in New York have residents who receive cancer … Continue reading

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