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Battling cancer and saving kids at the Waters Center

Richard Sills MD was a high school student in 1964, the year that Upstate’s hospitals opened. At that time, he laments, “almost nobody survived childhood cancer.” The medical specialty of pediatric hematology-oncology was new in those days and William Waters … Continue reading

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Surgeon specializes in treating diabetics

People who have diabetes are at increased risk of lower leg amputation. The disease may diminish blood flow and sensation in their feet, and it may impair vision, so any wound is not readily apparent. Then because their immune system … Continue reading

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Ridlon wildflower painting hangs in hospital lobby

Wildflowers adorn the lobby of Upstate University Hospital downtown, in a painting called “Goldenrod and Wild Asters.” The painting is the largest from artist Jim Ridlon’s garden series. It consists of 30 9-by-12-inch painting he made over a year at fields … Continue reading

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Numbers help tell the story of the Upstate Cancer Center

17.4 million dollars were raised through the Foundation for Upstate — drawn from 18,449 gifts and pledges — to help build the $74 million Upstate Cancer Center. 140 villages, towns or cities in New York have residents who receive cancer … Continue reading

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Plan now for ‘E-Race Cancer’ half marathon and 5K

A half marathon and 5K on Sept. 13 in Baldwinsville is designed to raise money for integrative medicine at the Upstate Cancer Center. It’s called “E-Race Cancer.” The race is sponsored by RBC Wealth Management. The event will include a … Continue reading

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Zach is ready to play ball again after cancer treatment

At the age of 8, Zach Ellingson had heard of cancer. It was a disease that other people got. “Thinking about it now,” he says as a 12-year-old, “I know that I am ‘other people’ to other people.” Zach is … Continue reading

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New publication shares mission of Upstate Cancer Center: Caring for patients, searching for cures, saving lives

Welcome to Cancer Care, the premiere issue of a quarterly publication dedicated to cancer patients, families and friends, caregivers, researchers, donors and everyone else touched by cancer. This issue of Cancer Care heralds the opening of the Upstate Cancer Center, the … Continue reading

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New Vero machine targets tumors with precision

Upstate is one of only three institutions in the United States to offer the Vero, a 9-ton ring of sophisticated cancer weaponry that allows radiation oncologists to pinpoint tumors and deliver radiation with unprecedented precision. Here’s how it works: The … Continue reading

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Sculpture, artwork in cancer center reflect outdoors

Sculptor Ellen Steinfeld was focused on creating something that would be welcoming and uplifting, representative of life and hope. When she finished, she had created a shimmery “Tree of Hope” model out of stainless steel. Her work was chosen as … Continue reading

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Growing a 4-season healing garden for the cancer center

Patients receiving infusions gaze through windows at the foliage of a four-season garden growing on the roof of the Upstate Cancer Center’s second floor. Visitors may rest on its benches. The space feels like a courtyard, with the cancer center … Continue reading

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