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Aubry’s 50-year career: 8000 babies, 8000 medical students and the transformation of maternal health care

In 1963 — a year before Upstate University Hospital opened — Richard Aubry MD, MPH began his 50+ year career at Upstate. He had been a medical resident and fellow at Upstate prior to joining the Obstetrics and Gynecology faculty in 1963. … Continue reading

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How to guard against food-borne illnesses, especially during pregnancy

When pregnant, a woman’s ability to fight infection is lowered, and she becomes more susceptible to illness. Registered dietitian Juliann Mellen explains how to prevent three common foodborne illnesses: * Listeria is a harmful bacteria that grows in refrigerated ready-to-eat … Continue reading

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Struggling to conceive? Consider lubrication

Ask a question at an academic medical center, and you just may inspire research to get the answer. That is how andrology lab director Kazim Chohan, PhD, lit up the Internet recently with news that sexual lubricants may impede a … Continue reading

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Centering on diabetes in pregnancy

Pregnant women, some with their partners, gather in a circle with their obstetrician, midwife, a nurse and nutritionist. A chime sounds. The Centering Pregnancy group begins.  Centering Pregnancy is a program offered in a variety of medical practices throughout the … Continue reading

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Urge to smoke begins in utero

Babies born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy are four times more likely to begin smoking in adolescence. Scientists at Upstate recently showed that nicotine, the most addictive of more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco, modifies part of the brain … Continue reading

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Retired administrator and volunteer share memories of Upstate’s hospitals

For forty years, Charles, 87, and Rose, 86, Calligaris drove together to work at either Community-General Hospital or Upstate University Hospital. Charles was an administrator and Rose was a volunteer at both hospitals. After his retirement, they both volunteered to … Continue reading

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Upstate Answers: Why doesn’t amniocentesis test for genetic conditions other than Downs?

There are so many genetic conditions. Why does amniocentesis only test for Downs Syndrome? – Seth Tucker, Syracuse “Amniocentesis is a procedure that provides a diagnosis of fetal defects.  It is usually done in the early second trimester.  In the 1970’s, … Continue reading

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Expectant moms and partners can register for breastfeeding classes

Upstate offers a two-hour “Breastfeeding: Planning for Success” class once a month for expectant moms and their partners who have decided to breastfeed their baby. Learn about: * how your body prepares for breastfeeding, * how your baby helps with … Continue reading

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