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Pinpointing prostate cancers

Upstate became the only provider in Central New York (and one of a few sites in the country) to offer breakthrough technology to help pinpoint hard-to-locate prostate cancers when it acquired the UroNav fusion biopsy system. Traditional biopsies of the … Continue reading

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Searching for ways to inhibit cancer

A protein called Hsp90, short for “heat shock protein-90,” acts as a chaperone or guardian of cancer cells, helping them grow and survive. This image shows the carefully folded parts of the protein, and the resulting pockets, which are occupied … Continue reading

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Which surgery provides best long-term outcome for kidney cancer?

Used to be, when surgery was recommended for kidney cancer, surgeons would remove an entire kidney. Now research shows patients fare better 10 years after surgery if the operation removes just the tumors. It makes for a trickier operation, but … Continue reading

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The basketball-prostate cancer connection in Syracuse

Syracusans love our basketball team and our coach, who happens to be a prostate cancer survivor. That’s why Jim Boeheim is featured in many of the advertisements for Upstate’s prostate cancer services. Boeheim, who was diagnosed in 2001, speaks about … Continue reading

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What’s Up at Upstate… at the Fair!

Tomorrow the gates at the Great New York State Fair swing wide open for opening day 2013. For 12 straight days, people travel from near and far to savor the sights, sounds, tastes and FUN the state fair brings to Central New … Continue reading

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