12 Responses to Healthy Monday: Humorist Jeff Kramer gets serious about his health

  1. Tonnie Katz says:

    Sounds great, Jeff. Better than embarrassing yourself on America’s Biggest Losers. How about giving tips and the email address of these articles to those of us who are not Upstate sponsored, but wandering lonely in the wilderness trying to accomplish the same thing. Maybe you could launch a “Join Jeff” club and the hospital could benefit from all our experiences.

  2. Amber Smith says:

    Thanks for reading, Tonnie. Jeff Kramer’s column will appear here at http://www.upstate.edu/whatsup the first Monday of every month. We intend for it to be as inspiring as it is humorous, so we are glad to have you as a reader. We also post additional health-related content on this blog, as well. Feel free to check back as often as you like, or subscribe (it’s free!) by clicking on the “sign me up” button on the right side.

  3. Jeff Kramer says:

    Hi Tonnie. Admit it: You’d love nothing more than to see me humiliate myself oon America’s Biggest Losers. I really do hate program. It’s made so skinny people can feel superior. Jeff

  4. Mark Eischen says:

    Loved this. As one who can relate to just about everything you said… I’m proud of you, Big Guy. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Keep up the good work, Kramer.

  5. John LoPiccolo says:

    Jeff, All I can say is FANTASTIC!!! go for it BIG GUY! then we can change that to HEALTHY GUY! I’m going to pass this link to everyone in my email address book. God Bless You! signed John LoPiccolo from Liverpool ..New York not England … LOL

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  7. Otro hijo de Dios. Do you remember ? says:

    Hola Jeff: Comías muy bien en el Pais Vasco. Recomiendaselo a tus amistades

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