7 Responses to Dr. David Halleran, the surgeon who tried to save John Lennon’s life, recalls the events of Dec. 8, 1980

  1. Bob Allen says:

    Amazing story…can’t believe it’s been 31 years. Wow.

  2. Louise Cox says:

    We are a product of our past experiences and this trauma story has molded you into the physician you are today. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. James H. Halleran, J.D. says:

    Dr David-
    thanks for being there that night in 1975, at my Dad’s [your Uncle’s] funeral, you saved my life that night, since I was ready to kill the step-monster after her shenanigans- your funny hospital; intern stories , were a welcome relief-
    glad you told this John Lennon story- his was a horrific death and it shows the trauma you medicos are subjected to in the ER-which most people don’t take into account-
    glad you’re getting kudos you deserve
    Jamie H.
    p.s great article, Ms. Smith

  5. Barbara Kammerer RN says:

    Hi David, has it really been 39 years since that tragic night? Were we ever that young & innocent? That night changed us, all the staff in the ER at Roosevelt even though we had an active knife & gun club that night changed us. Speaking for the nurses, many of whom are still friends, we were glad you were with us that night, we couldn’t save him but you being with us somehow made it a wee bit better. Hope you & your family are well. With love & fond memories, Barbara Kammerer RN

  6. Gregory Donoghue says:

    Hi Cousin, you never mentioned this at the Family Reunion, great patient Dr. privilege on your part. Hope all are well. Greg. D.

  7. Digby Swarthburg says:

    ok so the doctor says john lennon was shot in the front upper left chest with the exit wounds coming out his left upper back. how did chapman do this from behind?

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