3 Responses to Healthy Monday: Upstate humorist Jeff Kramer

  1. ermigal says:

    Jeff, you’re right, it’s counterproductive to beat ourselves up when we occasionally live it up. Life’s too short for that. Many years ago I enjoyed beniets and some kind of flavored coffee at Cafe Du Monde–delish!! Keep up the good work and the inspirational writing!

  2. Andre Mouchard says:

    Jeff –
    Are you seriously writing a health blog, or is this like the time you brought the fart machine to the Starbucks in Laguna? … Wait, don’t answer that; I’m stoked! I mean, this column might be the fourth, ninth and 13th sign of the Apocalypse boiled down to 800 words or so. But, on balance, it’s probably a good thing.

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