5 Responses to In cancer remission, Vicki Jellie knits caps for others

  1. Vicki Jellie says:

    Hi….my name is Vicki Jellie (just like the lady in your article) and I live in Warrnambool, Victoria in Australia. Just for fun I Googled my own name and was very interested when this article came up about your Vicki Jellie knitting caps for Cancer.
    I too am involved with Cancer awareness/ fundraising/lobbying – in our region- we do not have radiotherapy in our region and I have founded a community group called “Peter’s Project” – 3 years ago to bring Radiotherapy and an Integrated Cancer care Centre to our town.
    My 49 year old husband died of cancer 3.5 years ago. The closest treatment facility is 3 – 4 hours away.
    A long story but….. it has amazed me that someone else with the exact name as myself is doing something Cancer related as well!!!
    I would love to be in contact with her if that was possible . My email address is peterjellie@bigpond.com
    If you were able to contact her and tell her of this message that would be fantastic if she wanted to be in contact with me.
    Kind regards…..Vicki Jellie

  2. suzanne says:

    Great story.
    This was fun to see the second Vicki Jellie from Austrailia in the comment section.

  3. Jean Turner says:

    Dear New York Vickie!! I HOPE THIS GETS TO YOU!!! I CAN knit, but I crochet much better. Have you, over the years, come into crochet patterns you could forward to me so I could give a hand with this GREAT project. I have a LOT of yarn that needs to find a good home!! We are in Boonville…real close to you!! 315-358-4022 DoSearches111838@Yahoo.com
    GOD BLESS YOU!!! Jean Turner

    • Vicki Jellie, Black River, N Y says:

      Dear Jean: Just found your post. I found many patterns on a website headhuggers.com and allfreeknitting.com. After making many I began making up my own patterns. These 2 web sights will help you get started. My contact information is rjellie@twcny.rr.com or you can reach me at 315-773-5564.

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