Bottles unearthed at Cancer Center construction site

Here’s a fun little mystery: Construction workers building the Upstate Cancer Center recently came across a couple of bottles at the site.

The smaller bottle looks like an old laboratory or pharmaceutical container.

The larger bottle says “Murphy Bros Syracuse NY” on the front and “This bottle not to be sold” on the back. On the bottom is “E SON & H.” It looks similar to antique amber bottles from Murphy Brothers Weiss beer. The construction site is near where the Clover Club, a jazz club, existed until the 1960s.

Who knows if the small bottle once held medicine or if the Murphy Bros bottle held beer, or if either came from the Clover Club? Please add a comment if you care to speculate.

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One Response to Bottles unearthed at Cancer Center construction site

  1. Kim Garver says:

    I was wondering what the two bottles are worth and if that money will be donated to the Cancer Center. Do we know how old the two bottles are? How neat that they were excavated without being broken.

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