Today is national Eating Healthy Day

What are you eating today? The American Heart Association encourages workplaces throughout the United States to celebrate Eating Healthy Day today, Wednesday, Nov. 7.

At Upstate, that means heart healthy options on the cafeteria menu: seasoned roast pork with spinach and pine nuts, oven-spiced tilapia, curried rice medley with barley, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted beets and steamed baby dill carrots.

There is also some friendly competition among departments and student groups at Upstate to submit photos and stories showing how they “went healthy” on Nov. 7. Entries will go to the Syracuse chapter of the American Heart Association, which will hold a random drawing for a lunch from Subway for up to 50 people.

Upstate has gold-level status among the American Heart Association’s “Fit Friendly” workplaces in Central New York. It is the only hospital to make the list. Two Upstate committees support national Eating Healthy Day: the Pathway to Wellness and Team Upstate.



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  1. I hope there are lots of departments and student groups having fun and participating in a healthy meal or choosing a healthy meal at the cafe.

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