Kicking the Habit: If I Can Do It, You Can, Too!

My first cigarette was one that I swiped from my mom. I was waiting in the car while she ran into the drug store and decided to try it out. That first one wasn’t so great, but with my interest piqued and a couple of smoker friends, I was quickly on my way to a pack-a-day habit. I was 17 years old.

Over the next thirteen years, I had a lot of fun smoking.                  

While I was having all that fun, I also had a lot of colds and sore throats, dental work and smelly clothes, none of which were associated with smoking in my mind. Even so, I tried to quit a few times. I tried patches, lozenges and just plain willpower, but the thought of never smoking again was just too unimaginable to succeed.

Then I met my stepdaughter, who was just a toddler at the time. Suddenly, there was this little person who gleefully imitated everything I did. She was learning by watching me, and I couldn’t bear the thought of teaching her something as self-destructive as smoking.

I quit cold turkey on December 3, 2007 and I haven’t smoked a cigarette since. It wasn’t easy, but the positive changes in my health and, most importantly, the example I set for my children make the struggle well worth it.

If I can do it, so can you. Mark your calendar and join us for the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout on November 15th. Upstate employees who quit for Smokeout day can claim a free cold turkey sandwich in the cafeteria for both the new non-smoker and a quit buddy.           

Make the decision to quit, even just for one day, and take an important step toward a healthier life.



About Susan Cole

Susan Cole is the social media editor at Upstate Medical University. She manages Upstate's presence on multiple social media platforms, chairs the Upstate Social Media Committee and works to educate Upstate's internal team about social media. Susan previously worked in global public relations and marketing communications agencies in New York City and Rochester, NY. She has worked on integrated communications programs in a range of industries-- from the fine arts to agribusiness. Currently, she focuses on social communications and how people use digital platforms to share information. To stay healthy, Susan enjoys teaching and taking fitness classes at HardCore Fit, keeping pace with her kids and exploring plant-based recipes. She resides in her hometown of Fulton, NY with her husband and children.
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2 Responses to Kicking the Habit: If I Can Do It, You Can, Too!

  1. Stephanie DeJoseph says:

    Great story. Knowing the person who has gone through this gives the story greater impact. If I could only turn back the hands of the clock, this is one vice I would have never taken up. Dumbest thing I ever did.
    “Clean” for 26 years and counting!

  2. Susan Cole says:

    Thanks Steph. Quitting was the best thing I ever did for myself and for my kids!

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