Thursday at the Fair: What’s Your Emergency? Act FAST!

Tomorrow is Fire and Rescue and Veterans Day at the Great New York State Fair. What an honor to welcome both of these groups to one of the area’s largest events– free of charge!

And as we have done previously, we have some great information that our Fire and Rescue providers especially may be interested in.

  • 11 AM The Doctor is In: Join Emergency Medicine Physician Jeremy Joslin in the booth, located in the Science and Industry building. Bring your questions about urgent vs. emergency care, and learn more about the variety of services Upstate offers at the Downtown and Community Campuses. Emergency Medicine will be in the booth all day, where EMS providers can learn more about how we work with them to give patients the best care before they even make it to the hospital.
  • Stroke Center – Upstate has the area’s first designated Stroke Center.  Learn more about what makes our center different.  Act FAST for Stroke… learn the signs and symptoms of stroke and the importance of calling 911.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Get information on acute care and rehabilitation for in-hospital stay and progression to rehabilitation unit. This team is also crucial in a patient’s recovery from stroke.
  • Upstate Pathology Laboratory – Find out where all the blood draw sites are in your area. And get the answers to some FAQ’s.

See you at the Fair!

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