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Roasted delicata squash with mushrooms and thyme

Delicata squash stars in this wintery dish, which is equally happy in a supporting role next to meat or stealing the show as a vegetarian centerpiece. This gourd is called delicata because its skin is delicate enough to eat without … Continue reading

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Volunteer smocks find second life in schools, missions

When Community General Hospital became part of Upstate in July 2011, Volunteer Services Director Kristin Bruce was left wondering what to do with 300 pink volunteer smocks, many  embellished with the old hospital logo.  The smocks were in great condition, … Continue reading

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Shocking news in ’64: Smoking causes lung cancer

Fifty years ago, Upstate’s hospitals opened their doors and the US Surgeon General issued the first report on Smoking and Health, linking cigarette smoking to lung cancer and heart disease. That report — the first of 31 issued by the … Continue reading

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Good read: Christopher Hitchens travels from ‘Welltown’ to ‘Tumortown’ in ‘Mortality’

By Joel Potash, MD Christopher Hitchens was a famous author, journalist, and lecturer who loved to debate religion with representatives of various religions. He was an atheist and perhaps best know for his book, “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” … Continue reading

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Adding electronics to patient care

Eighty to 90 percent of communication between humans is nonverbal — which means that healthcare providers could overlook important patient information if the provider’s focus is on the Electronic Medical Record computer screen. Body position, eye engagement, gestures and facial expression can provide important information when diagnosing … Continue reading

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Obstetrics, gynecology services expand at Upstate

Upstate expands the type of obstetrical and gynecological care it offers with the addition of fellowship-trained faculty members. These are the OB-GYNs who train many of the OB-GYNs practicing in the Syracuse area. Here’s a look at some of the services: … Continue reading

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Modern birth control options for women

Q&A with Karen Teelin, MD Q Why are the rates of sexual activity among American teens the same as in other developed countries, but our rates of teen pregnancy and abortion are higher? A “That’s partially because of the use … Continue reading

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Doc puts toxicology in a box for medical education

An assistant professor of emergency medicine is using comic illustration to teach clinical toxicology. “Toxicology in a Box” is a deck of 154 full-color flashcards designed to teach how to recognize and treat drug overdoses and poisonings. Brian Kloss, DO … Continue reading

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Why I love shooting pool

By Christopher Sanders 1. Fond childhood memories. We had a table when I was growing up probably 40 years ago. I hit the balls around there and just kept playing. 2. Leagues. The 9-ball league is broken into skill levels … Continue reading

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Why breakfast matters so much

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you eat breakfast. Upstate registered dietitian Terry Podolak explains why: * You need to “break” the “fast” by refueling after a good night’s sleep, ideally with a meal containing protein, fiber and … Continue reading

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