Why Stacey Karasinski loves floor hockey

Stacey with her Dad.

Stacey with her Dad.

Stacey Karasinski, an employee in payroll services at Upstate, competed in the state Special Olympics Winter Games with her floor hockey team. The 11-player roster includes a goalkeeper and two “lines” of five players that the coach swaps out throughout the game. Only six players play at a time.

Here’s what Karasinski likes about floor hockey, a sport she has played for 10 years:

1. She likes being the only girl on the team, even though sometimes the boys are a little rough.

2. She plays offense and prefers the face-off position.

3. She enjoys flicking the puck (made of heavy felt with a hole in the middle) into the air and knowing that it is destined for the goal.

4. She makes new friends through the games.

5. She loves to win.




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