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This issue of Upstate Health is brought to you by the number 5

Lots of important “fives” around Upstate these days, including: 5 years ago, the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital opened its doors in a “treehouse” addition above Upstate University Hospital in downtown Syracuse. 5 members of KidzBop visited patients at the Upstate Golisano … Continue reading

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Bus banners promote Upstate missions of care, research, education

The most populated areas of this region are served by the Syracuse-based Centro bus service. Upstate banners appear on the sides of some of these buses. Being at eye level, the advertisements dominate. Many people see the banners, as the … Continue reading

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What to do when a tooth is knocked out

Fracturing or losing a tooth in a fall or other accident is a fairly common occurrence. When that happens, “you have a very limited timeframe in which to treat that situation,” says assistant professor and dentist, Patrick Smith. Athletic facilities … Continue reading

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Medical students suffer from puppy love

Two Upstate students sharing an apartment in downtown Syracuse have developed enduring – and contagious – cases of puppy love. First Tim Lentini got Freya, a golden retriever. Then he and his puppy went with roommate, Connor Policastro to choose … Continue reading

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Autism identifiers: How to tell which babies are affected

Google “causes of autism,” and you get millions of hits — and a multitude of conjecture. Is a genetic predisposition to blame? Are environmental factors at play? Maternal or paternal age, perhaps? Some sort of pregnancy complication? A virus, or … Continue reading

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New implantable defibrillator protects the heart without touching it

A new style of implantable defibrillator provides protection against sudden cardiac arrest without having electrical wires placed in the heart. Instead, all components of the device are sewn into place just beneath the skin. The device — which The Heart … Continue reading

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How much are those apple fritters going to ‘cost’ you in calories?

So you indulged in a pair of apple fritters. (No one is blaming you.) But now you want to undo the damage. Each fritter is about 300 calories, according to Here are some ways a 145-pound person could burn … Continue reading

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5 questions to ask after a car wreck

Emergency physician William Paolo, MD explains what to do if you find yourself in a car wreck. If you answer yes to these questions, call 911 for an ambulance. 1.   Did your airbags deploy? If the impact was strong … Continue reading

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1970s discovery makes bones ‘light up like a Christmas tree’

If you’ve read or seen the teen romance, “The Fault in Our Stars,” you remember the moment that Gus tells his girlfriend about his cancer recurrence by explaining that he had had a bone scan that “lit up like a … Continue reading

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Upstate Answers: Is colored cornstarch safe for the lungs?

The Q: The colored cornstarch used in promotional running events is supposedly safe for the skin, but what about the lungs? I awoke in a coughing fit the morning after the event. Providing the A: Robert Lenox, MD, professor of medicine … Continue reading

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