How much are those apple fritters going to ‘cost’ you in calories?

So you indulged in a pair of apple fritters. (No one is blaming you.) But now you want to undo the damage.

Each fritter is about 300 calories, according to Here are some ways a 145-pound person could burn off 600 calories. The precise number of calories a person burns are influenced by the person’s age, body weight, gender, activity level and movement efficiency. Use this only as a guide.

canoe3 hours, 2 minutes of leisurely canoeing

2 hours, 46 minutes of walking at 3.4 miles per hour on a flat surface

2 hours of vigorous housecleaning

1 hour, 2 minutes of cycling at 12 to 13.9 miles per hour on a flat road

50 minutes of vigorous lap swimming

–reviewed by exercise physiologist Carol Sames, PhD, director of the Vitality fitness program at Upstate’s Institute for Human Performance.


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