What to do when a tooth is knocked out

Fracturing or losing a tooth in a fall or other accident is a fairly common occurrence. When that happens, “you have a very limited timeframe in which to treat that situation,” says assistant professor and dentist, Patrick Smith.

Athletic facilities and school sports programs may have Save-a-Tooth preservation kits at the ready. They contain a liquid that preserves a tooth for a short period of time.

Smith says to help the tooth maintain moisture constantly. Milk is fine. Water works, too. Or, you can place the tooth in the pouch of your cheek. “The tissue is alive, and we need to maintain it until we can re-implant it into the socket,” he says.

Make sure to handle the tooth only by its crown, or the part that you can see in the mouth. Do not touch the root.

Get to a dentist, oral surgeon or the emergency department at Upstate University Hospital as quickly as possible, so the tooth can be re-implanted and secured.

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