Eight ways to burn calories in Central New York in winter

Say you’ve got two hours on a Sunday afternoon in Syracuse. The way you spend that time will determine whether you burn a whole bunch of calories – or not.

Keep in mind, the precise number of calories a person burns is influenced by the person’s age, body weight, gender, activity level and movement efficiency. Use these numbers — calculated for an 180-pound person — only as a guide.

couchpotatoCouch potato: burn 132 calories

icehockeyPlay ice hockey: burn 1,420 calories

poolShoot pool: burn 397 calories

skiSnow ski, at moderate speed: burn 972 calories

mother and children making cookiesBake cookies: burn 240 calories *

snowmobileSnowmobile: burn 572 calories

cardsPlay cards: burn 200 calories

Winter'sActivitiesASnowshoe: burn 1,308 calories

* not counting the calories you add from the cookies you eat

This list was reviewed by exercise physiologist Carol Sames, PhD, director of the Vitality fitness program at Upstate’s Institute for Human Performance.


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