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Extra, extra! Researchers experiment with acting roles

BY STEPHANIE DEJOSEPH Watch carefully when “Irrefutable Proof” hits the big screen next year, and you may recognize a pair of women dressed as members of a religious order. Two diabetes researchers from Upstate got roles as non-paid extras in the … Continue reading

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What to expect from a neurological exam

If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming neurological exam, “take a deep breath, and try not to be scared,” said Larry Chin, MD. Realize that a referral to a neurologist or neurosurgeon simply means that your doctor is seeking advice. … Continue reading

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Preventing the spread of HIV with a pill

Infectious-disease experts in the early 1980s were trying to make sense of clusters of gay men with unusual infections and failing immune systems. It was the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Soon researchers identified the human immunodeficiency virus as responsible, … Continue reading

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Why don’t we ever hear about heart cancer?

“It’s not something we see very often,” said Robert Dunton, MD, chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Upstate University Hospital. He went on to provide this answer: Benign tumors of the heart are probably more common than malignant (cancerous), but both are … Continue reading

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Black Bean and Avocado Enchiladas

For a nutritious meal high in fiber and protein, pair black beans with avocados. You’ll also get a healthy serving of B vitamins and folic acid. Just remember that canned black beans, while convenient, are loaded with sodium. So, rinse … Continue reading

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A custom approach: Hormone replacement can include bioidenticals

She entered her late 50s, and suddenly Roxanne Eyler’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels started to creep up. A trainer at Ultimate Goal in Marcellus, she ate well and was physically fit but found she was gaining weight and awakening in … Continue reading

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Selecting stroke care: What’s the difference?

A comprehensive stroke center is typically the largest and best-equipped hospital in a given geographical area that can treat patients with any kind of stroke or stroke complication. Upstate University Hospital was the first hospital in the Central New York … Continue reading

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Dengue fever: Learning to reduce transmission

Studies in the urban coastal city of Machala, Ecuador, taught an international team of researchers, including some from Upstate, what’s necessary to reduce the transmission of dengue fever. The most vulnerable populations must be targeted, and local governments and community … Continue reading

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7-minute workout is interval training

  Ask people why they don’t exercise, and they are liable to say they don’t have time. So, exercise scientists set about crafting a short but beneficial workout. They wound up with a dozen high-intensity intervals they call “The 7-Minute … Continue reading

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Why I love rowing

Jennifer Moffat, PhD (front), with rowing partner, Mindy Holgate. Moffat is an associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Upstate. BY JENNIFER MOFFAT It gives me something for myself. Soon after I moved here from California in 1999, when my … Continue reading

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