Surgical services featured in July Physicians Practice

Dilip Kittur, MD, and Ajay Jain, MD, are hepatobiliary surgeons at Upstate.

Dilip Kittur, MD, and Ajay Jain, MD, are hepatobiliary surgeons at Upstate.

The July issue of Physicians Practice magazine gives a glimpse of the services available at Upstate. It’s written for physicians who work throughout the Central New York region, but much of the information is of interest to the community at large.

For instance, are you aware of how quickly Dilip Kittur, MD, and Ajay Jain, MD, work to see patients who need liver, gallbladder or pancreatic surgery? The lead article in this issue details the types of minimally invasive and robotic procedures they offer.

Two of our physician/scientists are responsible for research suggesting that patients who are found to have “bladder wall thickening” may be at risk for bladder cancer. Timothy Byler, MD, and Imad Nsouli, MD, share their findings, which were published recently in the journal Urology.

In addition, Mark Marzouk, MD, explains a minimally invasive alternative he now offers to salivary gland surgery. He’s the new chief of head and neck oncologic surgery. And Jessica Paonessa, MD, tells about a laser procedure that treats enlarged prostates.

Other articles tell how to locate a clinical trial at Upstate, and the expansion of pain management services and robotic surgery options at the community campus of Upstate University Hospital.



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