‘Cancer Care’ collects national magazine award

This is the 2015 Clarion Award from The Association for Women in Communications

This is the 2015 Clarion Award from The Association for Women in Communications

Cancer Care magazine received a national award from The Association for Women in Communications this weekend during the group’s annual conference in Kansas City. The quarterly magazine’s first issue was selected among start-up magazines as the “best overall external magazine” and received a coveted Clarion Award. Among other Clarion Award-winning magazines this year are The Oprah Magazine, Mother Jones, Glamour, Redbook and More magazine.  

The Clarion Award is named after the medieval trumpet and meant to symbolize excellence in clear, concise communications. The first were awarded in 1972. Today, the Clarions honor excellence in a variety of communications categories. The association was started by seven women journalists in 1909.

cancercareSubscriptions to Cancer Care are complimentary, and digital editions are easy to access.

The award-winning inaugural issue of Cancer Care (left) focused on construction of the new Upstate Cancer Center, which opened in 2014.

Subsequent issues have provided practical, easy-to-understand stories of interest to anyone touched by cancer. Patient stories are a large part of the mix, along with articles that draw on the expertise of healthcare providers at the Upstate Cancer Center. Various aspects of medical care, cancer research and advice about living with the disease round out the content. 

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