Learning how the brain develops


fall science is art

This image of different types of neurons — from the work of two Upstate researchers — was featured on the cover of the Journal of Neuroscience.

The cellular and molecular processes of cerebral cortex development are under study in the Upstate laboratory of Eric Olson, PhD, an associate professor of neuroscience and physiology. The cerebral cortex is the brain’s outer layer.

Olson and Ryan O’Dell, PhD, had this image from their work selected for the cover of the Journal of Neuroscience. The microscopic structures in purple, red and yellow are different types of neurons. O’Dell recently received his PhD and is completing his medical degree through Upstate’s MD/PhD program.

This article appears on the back cover of the fall 2015 issue of Upstate Health magazine.

Eric Olson, PhD (left), and Ryan O’Dell, PhD, with the Journal of Neuroscience cover featuring their work. (PHOTO BY WILLIAM MUELLER)

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