What ‘I CARE’ is all about

Rasheedah Vereen, a hospital clinical technician at Upstate University Hospital. (PHOTO BY KATHLEEN PAICE FROIO)

You may see doctors, nurses or technicians wearing buttons that say, “I CARE.”

More than a clever acronym, I CARE expresses a sentiment while also describing some of the ways in which caregivers at Upstate University Hospital make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible. The campaign started in the often-busy environment of the emergency department and has expanded throughout the hospital.

The message behind I CARE:

I –- Introduce yourself to patients and their loved ones.

C –- Connect with patients and their family members in a meaningful way, using eye contact and communication.

A –- Acknowledge the concerns of patients and their loved ones.

R – Review the plan of care, so people understand what you are communicating and what tests and treatments are ordered.

E – Educate patients and loved ones about what to expect, discharge instructions and medications.


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