Science Is Art: Motion capture and posture

skeletonA common complaint after a concussion injury is a feeling of unsteadiness or impaired balance. Monitoring balance deficits and recovery of balance may help to better understand concussion injury and recovery. Scientists at Upstate Medical University use infrared motion-capture technology to track body motion during a balance test. This allows analysis of various strategies used to maintain upright posture and to investigate impairments that lead to balance problems. People participating in the research stand on foam pads and on firm floor surfaces, allowing scientists to measure and compare their centers of pressure

Christopher Neville, PhDChristopher Neville, PhD, PT, has a doctorate in health practice research with a concentration in biomechanics.  He is an associate professor in the department of physical therapy education in the College of Health Professions and serves as the director of research for the Upstate Concussion Center.

This article appears in the winter 2017 issue of Upstate Health magazine.



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