Upstate is the place to go for pancreatic cancer treatment

Outside of New York City, Upstate is the only institution in the state that the National Pancreas Foundation has designated as an NPF Center for the Care and Treatment of Pancreatic Disease. The illustration above shows the pancreas’s location in the body.

Upstate University Hospital is uniquely qualified to provide top-quality care for patients with pancreatic cancer and other diseases that affect the pancreas. The hospital earned a designation from the National Pancreas Foundation after an extensive auditing process.

Upstate is one of four institutions in New York and the only one outside of New York City that the foundation allows to call itself an NPF Center for Care and Treatment of Pancreatic Disease.

It’s an important recognition that highlights Upstate’s multidisciplinary team approach of treating each patient individually to formulate comprehensive and compassionate care plans for the best possible outcomes. The audit made sure Upstate provides expertise in certain specialties, access to clinical trials, a variety of patient-focused programs, and more.

Dilip Kittur, MD, is proud of the designation. He’s the division chief of liver, pancreas and gallbladder surgery at Upstate. He points out the variety of state-of-the-art treatments for even advanced pancreatic cancer, including robotic pancreatic surgery, stereotactic radiation and advanced chemotherapy.

This article appears in the winter 2017 issue of Cancer Care magazine.



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