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Upstate Health Fall 2017 coverOur Upstate Health Fall 2017 cover features a man who survived severe frostbite burns, George Myers, who shares his story of recovery. This issue also features two different stories about men who recovered from stroke, and another about a man who is doing well after a liver transplant.

Nurses from throughout Upstate University Hospital provide their best advice for ways to help someone who is hospitalized — plus 22 of the best gift ideas. A pediatrician shares her love of reading, along with dozens of book suggestions for youngsters. And a trauma surgeon tells 12 things you might not know about the military. (Did you know that in war, common illnesses, such as appendicitis and pneumonia, cause the loss of more soldiers than do combat injuries?)

Read this issue to learn about a “spit test” that may help identify autism in children, how neurologists are extending the use of a clot-busting drug for strokes, the surgeries that can take place through the nose, why more young people are at risk for stroke, and what you can do about the public health crises of gun violence and drug addiction.

This issue of Upstate Health magazine, brought to you by Upstate Medical University, can be found in waiting rooms throughout the campus in Syracuse, N.Y. You can subscribe for free by sending a subscription request to

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