Three trailblazers: A look at some of Upstate’s modern medical pioneers

The three Upstate physicians featured in the book “Three Trailblazers” are, from left, Ruth Weinstock, MD, PhD, Sharon Brangman, MD, and Patricia Numann, MD. (PHOTO BY DREW OSUMI)


They’re friends who have mentored one another. All three have been faculty members at Upstate for decades. They’ve all earned “distinguished service professor” honors. And they’re all women.

Sharon Brangman, MD, Patricia Numann, MD, and Ruth Weinstock, MD, PhD, are the medical pioneers featured in “Triple Triumph,” a book edited by two Syracuse University professors that is being distributed to medical schools throughout the United States. Google “Triple Triumph” and “Syracuse University” or click here to download the book for free.

“None was born to wealth. However, all three grew up in families that prized and prioritized education. This make-or-break importance of their supportive families (and other caring mentors) emerges unforgettably in how they transcended barriers,” SU’s Cathryn R. Newton, PhD, and Samuel Gorovitz, PhD, write in the book.

Meet the Upstate physicians highlighted in new book

Upstate Health magazine winter 2018 issueThis article appears in the winter 2018 issue of Upstate Health magazine.

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