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Quests to outsmart cancer: 5 research projects underway at Upstate

  BY AMBER SMITH Of the 268,600 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in America this year, 90 percent will live for at least another five years. Breast cancer is survivable, especially when it’s caught early, but it … Continue reading

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Help for eating with a sore mouth, plus a recipe

BY AMBER SMITH Cancer treatment can harm the fast-growing cells in the lining of your mouth and lips. You may develop little cuts or ulcers in your mouth, or tender gums, which will most likely feel better once treatment ends. Here are some … Continue reading

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She’s beating the odds, thanks to her ‘tenderhearted’ oncologist

BY SUSAN KEETER On an August day, Kathi Tamer and her cousins were making Lebanese string cheese. The process involves kneading hot cheese curd into braids and rolling them in caraway seeds. While they cooked, they talked about oncologist Stephen Graziano, MD, … Continue reading

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A difficult diagnosis: Psychiatrist with cancer shares his coping strategies

BY AMBER SMITH First of all, being a psychiatrist himself hasn’t been that helpful with his diagnosis. “I’m a human being first, and I experience emotions after a life-altering diagnosis just like anybody else,” Adam Stern, MD, explains. “Often, I know what I … Continue reading

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Tackling kidney cancer: Medical imaging helps catch this symptom-free cancer earlier, Upstate urologist explains

Doctors traditionally saw kidney cancer in people in their 60s and older, explains Upstate urologist Oleg Shapiro, MD, but the increased use of medical imaging has led to a rise in the incidence of kidney cancers that are discovered incidentally. These are typically … Continue reading

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Shining a blue light on bladder cancer

BY AMBER SMITH Bladder cancers typically appear in multiple spots in the bladder, and they tend to recur. So, patients undergo repeated cystoscopies, procedures in which doctors peer into their bladders with cameras in search of cancerous cells. A new tool, available … Continue reading

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A quick guide for when you need a cancer screening

This article appears in the summer 2019 issue of Cancer Care magazine.

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A long-term relationship: Cancer monitoring and checkups go on for a lifetime

BY JIM HOWE A diagnosis of cancer can focus the patient’s attention on short-term concerns, such as getting through a round of tests and treatment while coping with daily life. It isn’t until much later that patients enter into a long-term stage of … Continue reading

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Everyday hero: Childhood cancer survivor Dan Kosick climbs mountains, skis, runs obstacle courses

By JIM HOWE Dan Kosick leads an active life. The Endicott resident is a social worker at a local middle school, a longtime youth lacrosse coach and a fitness enthusiast who typically swims three days a week, runs three days a week and … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: The cerebral cortex

A research team at Upstate identified an unusual form of neurodevelopmental delay that is caused by deficiency in a protein called paxillin. They have discovered that brain cells that are deficient in paxillin move more slowly than healthy brain cells, and … Continue reading

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