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Why you should care about sleep apnea

BY AMBER SMITH You may have sleep apnea if… • a bedmate cannot sleep with you because you snore so loudly, • a relative can hear you snoring from outside of your bedroom, • you awake during the night gasping … Continue reading

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Stroke expertise available in rural areas, thanks to technology

Central New Yorkers who live far from Syracuse can tap into the expertise of the stroke specialists at Upstate University Hospital’s comprehensive stroke center at several regional hospitals that partner with Upstat In those outlying hospitals, interactive computer videoconferencing via … Continue reading

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Would you recognize a stroke?

Before stroke specialists can intervene to save a person who is having a stroke, someone else — a loved one, co-worker, bystander — has to recognize the signs of a stroke and call 911. Clues might include a sudden droop on … Continue reading

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Different strokes: 3 Central New Yorkers share their health crises

BY AMBER SMITH Anyone can have a stroke. Three people who did, and who were treated recently at Upstate’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, share their experiences, illustrating how strokes differ. The people had different symptoms and different treatments. One is in … Continue reading

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A life-changing drug: Patients see improvement of cystic fibrosis symptoms

BY AMBER SMITH Brittnee Farmer, 31, is planning her wedding. She worries that the big day will be marred by her nebulizer, the machine she uses to inhale medication in a fine mist. Farmer was a preschooler when she was … Continue reading

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