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How to keep your home clean to help guard against COVID-19, other illnesses

BY DARCY DiBIASE The COVID-19 pandemic is a good reminder to disinfect high-touch areas frequently to help keep everyone in your home healthy. Such cleaning can also protect against colds, flus and other diseases caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. … Continue reading

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Early detection saved her: Now it’s her job to encourage mammograms

BY AMBER SMITH Christina Wallace was due for a mammogram, but she had just begun a new job and didn’t want to ask for time off. She canceled the appointment. That night, she stretched out on her couch. Her cat, Gracie, jumped … Continue reading

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Officer Rosie: Preschooler undergoes treatment for rare cancer

BY AMBER SMITH When Rosie Snowdon grows up, she want to be a police officer. The village of Baldwinsville — where Rosie’s parents, Jake Snowdon and Arianna Leonard, were both born and raised — coordinated with the police department and … Continue reading

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Earrings, anyone? Breast cancer patient finds generosity brightens the journey

BY SUSAN KEETER It was her bald head and the dingy, stick-straight hair that grew back after chemotherapy that got Jacqueline Rose passionate about earrings. She bought herself lots of pairs — glittery, silly, colorful — anything that was fun … Continue reading

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How to feel better: Tips for self-care when sick

By DARCY DiBIASE When you’re not feeling well, it’s hard to do anything but not feel well. Antibiotics won’t help if you’re suffering with a cold or flu caused by a virus. But you can take measures to help yourself … Continue reading

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Should you consider a clinical trial if you have cancer?

Clinical trials are research studies that people volunteer to join to evaluate new drugs, devices, or procedures. Most of the standard treatments used to treat cancer today were tested and shown to be effective through clinical trials — and the successful … Continue reading

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Staying hydrated is important in sickness and in health

BY DARCY DiBIASE Your body relies on water to work properly, and it’s your responsibility to make sure it has the hydration it needs to work its best. Up to 60% of your body is water. Your skin, organs, muscles … Continue reading

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A quick guide to masks for COVID-19

BY DARCY DiBIASE The novel coronavirus, which causes the disease known as COVID-19, is transmitted by very small particles,  called droplets or aerosols, that can hang in the air. From a cough or a sneeze, these particles can travel up … Continue reading

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Science Is Art Is Science: Shining a light on cancer

Urologists at Upstate now offer Blue Light Cystoscopy, a technology that significantly improves the detection of bladder cancers. An hour before the procedure, patients receive about 2 ounces of Cysview imaging solution through a catheter. Cancer cells absorb the solution. … Continue reading

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In older patients, early skin biopsy may be warranted

BY AMBER SMITH Angiosarcoma is a cancer that spreads easily from the cells where it originates, in the lining of the blood vessels and lymphatic channels. When it appears in the skin, it’s called cutaneous angiosarcoma; it’s rare, but deadly, … Continue reading

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