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Humorist Jeff Kramer among ‘victims’ at mock disaster designed to help rescuers improve emergency response

By Jeff Kramer I’m splayed out on the tarmac at Syracuse Hancock International Airport. Blood pours from a head wound. Okay, it’s fake blood, but still. I’m dizzy. I can’t walk. Maybe 50 yards away, the charred wreck of an … Continue reading

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Healthy Monday: Standing while writing, humorist Jeff Kramer adopts practice of Jefferson, Hemmingway and Churchill

By Jeff Kramer I’ve written thousands of columns, but this is the first in which my rear end isn’t playing a huge role. I’m standing as I type this, not sitting, and yes, it’s a little weird. But there’s also … Continue reading

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Healthy Monday: Humorist Jeff Kramer is a recovering big guy

Jeff Kramer rides his snow bike with his dog, Larry. By coincidence, the extra wide tires are called Big Fat Larrys. Photo by Brian Hill, Epic Outdoor Adventures Life as a recovering big guy hasn’t just meant ordering the fish … Continue reading

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Humorist Jeff Kramer, Vitality fitness director Carol Sames talk about losing weight and keeping it off

Hear how and why Upstate humorist Jeff Kramer lost 60+ pounds, and how Upstate exercise physiologist Carol Sames has helped him manage plateaus in “Losing Weight and Keeping it Off” at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 13. Their talk is part … Continue reading

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