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3 reasons your doctor might recommend robotic surgery

BY LEAH CALDWELL Depending on the type of cancer and its stage, your care plan may include surgery. Robotic surgery is one type of minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon uses a flexible scope with a camera and blade and views … Continue reading

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How to make your first appointment at the Upstate Cancer Center

Requesting an appointment with the experts at the Upstate Cancer Center is easy. Our team of board-certified physicians and oncology-certified nurses and technicians is prepared to offer timely appointments, second opinions, screening tests and personalized treatment plans. To make your first appointment, either … Continue reading

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Science is art: A rodent’s mammary gland, up close

This image is a miniaturized and simplified version of a mouse mammary gland grown in the laboratory — which may hold clues to how a normal breast develops. From the Upstate laboratory of cell and developmental biologist Christopher Turner, PhD, doctoral student Weiyi Xu studies a protein … Continue reading

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Calming kids with teddy bears

Glenda Stowell and her husband, Fred, donated 10 teddy bears to the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in 2011. After they retired, they wanted a new way to spend their time, and they liked the idea that the stuffed animals would … Continue reading

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Surgical solution: A fix for sunken chests

Upstate thoracic surgery chief Jason Wallen, MD, offers surgery to repair sunken chests, a somewhat rare condition some people are born with called pectus excavatum. Those affected may be self-conscious and also have trouble breathing. “It’s not felt to be due … Continue reading

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Emergency care takes time … for many reasons

Doctors, nurses and technicians working in Upstate University Hospital’s emergency department strive to provide care quickly, but many aspects of good care take time. The typical emergency visit in the United States averages four hours, and it varies based on … Continue reading

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Ethics consult: Will your health care proxy honor your wishes?

Thomas Curran, MD, and Robert Olick, JD, PhD, are hospital ethics consultants and members of Upstate’s bioethics and humanities faculty They provide advice to patients and families who find themselves in ethically charged situations surrounding care at Upstate University Hospital. … Continue reading

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Peer experts share best practices

The Upstate Cancer Center has joined the Association of American Cancer Institutes, an organization dedicated to reducing the burden of cancer by enhancing the impact of North America’s leading academic cancer centers. The association, based in Pittsburgh, is made up … Continue reading

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St. Baldrick’s money to boost clinical trials

Upstate is one of 39 institutions nationwide selected to share $2.2 million in grant money from the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to advance patient access to clinical trials. Having access to clinical trials is vital to the treatment of childhood cancers. … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: Prostate cancer cells under the microscope

If doctors could tell which tumors would remain indolent and which would become invasive, they could better treat men with prostate cancer. About 3 percent of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer have an aggressive type, shown in the … Continue reading

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