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A quick guide for when you need a cancer screening

This article appears in the summer 2019 issue of Cancer Care magazine.

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Science Is Art: The cerebral cortex

A research team at Upstate identified an unusual form of neurodevelopmental delay that is caused by deficiency in a protein called paxillin. They have discovered that brain cells that are deficient in paxillin move more slowly than healthy brain cells, and … Continue reading

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What’s Up at Upstate: Mobile mammograms, hospitality center, cord blood donations

Mobile mammography Upstate now provides mobile mammography services with a new 45-foot van aimed at ensuring easy access to screening for women who live in Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Oswego and St. Lawrence counties. A grant from the … Continue reading

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Advice from the experts at Upstate about thong underwear, CBD and sunscreens

Q: What’s this I hear about sunscreen chemicals getting into my body? A: A recent study found that if you apply sunscreen under maximal conditions — frequently enough, using a high enough sun protection factor and covering adequate body surface area — some … Continue reading

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Rethinking schizophrenia: Researchers believe the digestive tract links to the brain disease

Editor’s note: This is one of three articles on Upstate’s “renegade researchers” — scientists who are providing new ways of looking at long-standing medical problems, including schizophrenia (detailed below), Kaposi sarcoma and hydrocephalus. BY DARRYL GEDDES A breakthrough study published … Continue reading

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Impressions on Upstate Golisano’s Children’s Hospital’s 10th anniversary

As the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital celebrates 10 years of service in 2019, we asked a variety of people to share their impressions.  The above sketches of the speakers were created by Susan Keeter, assistant director of creative services in the … Continue reading

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‘Pets’ for patients

Upstate has a dozen animatronic pet puppies and kittens available to help older patients who are hospitalized with dementia, loneliness or depression related to a prolonged hospitalization. Donations from the Upstate Foundation’s “Friend in Deed” fund made this program possible. … Continue reading

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Nurses are raising the bar

More than 570 of the nurses working at Upstate University Hospital hold specialty certifications, awarded for acquiring additional skills, knowledge and expertise in a special area. Many hold multiple certifications. Experts say certified nurses raise the standard of practice in the profession and ultimately improve … Continue reading

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Emergency action: Off-duty Upstate doctors and nurses respond to people in distress

Doctors, nurses and others in caring professions spend their careers taking care of people. Sometimes their lifesaving efforts occur outside of their work hours. Though not legally obligated to help, many professional caregivers are programmed to respond in an emergency. Gridiron collapse … Continue reading

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Up Close: Studying bone density to help cancer survivors

Timothy Damron, MD, and Kenneth Mann, PhD, are studying bone fracture risk in cancer patients after radiation treatment. While radiation therapy is an important and effective treatment for many cancers, bone exposed to radiation becomes brittle and has an increased risk … Continue reading

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