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The 1918 pandemic in Syracuse

The coronavirus pandemic echoes the influenza pandemic of 1918. The first cases in Syracuse of what was called the Spanish flu were diagnosed among the military, including the thousands of soldiers living at the New York State Fairgrounds in Camp Syracuse, … Continue reading

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A marathon, not a sprint: 4 tips from a psychiatrist on dealing with stress

We are all familiar with acute stressful events. Making a presentation in front of a bunch of people. Attending a funeral. The event happens, and the stress passes. “This is a different kind of stress,” psychiatrist Thomas Schwartz, MD, interim chair … Continue reading

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This online tool may save you a trip to the doctor

Technicians at Upstate and Microsoft together built an online assessment tool, known as a chatbot, to answer questions about the coronavirus. The chatbot asks users about their symptoms and travel history. Based on responses, the chatbot assesses the person’s risk of having … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Some quick takes and a resource list

A roundup of brief items and a list of resources related to the coronavirus: Crisis prompts hospital to think of new ways to do things — “Virtual visits” allow patients who are in Upstate University Hospital or the emergency department … Continue reading

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In scary times, humanity brings us together, pulls us through

By Prateek Harne, MD “I am very scared,” my patient said, as my heart raced. She wasn’t the only one. As I write this, the coronavirus pandemic has reached more than 800,000 cases worldwide, and the number is still rising. … Continue reading

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Recovered from COVID-19? You may be able to help others 

BY EMILY KULKUS Upstate Medical University is seeking patients who have recovered from COVID-19 for an emergency clinical trial. The recovered patients would donate plasma, the liquid part of their blood, to help treat severely ill patients battling the disease. The … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: Coronavirus up close

A large group of clinical and basic scientists at Upstate is engaged in several activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include efforts to: • Improve testing related to negative or inconclusive results. • Precisely quantify the viral levels in patients … Continue reading

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A patch collection grows in the burn center

PHOTOS BY WILLIAM MUELLER A burgeoning collection of fire department and rescue patches is on display in Upstate’s Clark Burn Center. Two hundred eighty patches of various shapes and sizes occupy a dozen cases in a hallway where patients and family … Continue reading

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Spotting a volunteer just got easier at Upstate

BY EMILY KULKUS Hundreds of dedicated and valuable volunteers at Upstate University Hospital are now a little easier to spot. With more than 800 people volunteering annually through Upstate’s Office of Volunteer Programs, volunteer services are critical to helping patients … Continue reading

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Recipe: Ginger Turmeric Butternut Squash Soup

Ingredients 1 large butternut squash, cooked (see notes) 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, peeled and chopped 1 onion, diced 1 tablespoon coconut oil or olive oil or butter 2 cups chicken stock or broth, or vegetable broth 15 ounces coconut milk Kosher … Continue reading

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