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What’s the biology of your cancer?

Treatment is moving from ‘one size fits all’ into the modern era of personalization BY AMBER SMITH Among people who receive a cancer diagnosis, up to 8 percent won’t ever find out in which organ their cancer began. Because the … Continue reading

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Lung cancer diagnosis offered many lessons to this research technician

BY AMBER SMITH Wanda Coombs went for her annual medical exam in January 2016. “I wasn’t even going to tell the doctor I had a cough, because in January everybody has a cough, but at the end of the appointment, … Continue reading

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Global outreach: She volunteers to improve pediatric cancer care

BY AMBER SMITH Leukemia is the most common childhood cancer all over the world. Whether it’s diagnosed and how it’s treated help determine which children survive. Those in low- and middle-income countries such as Ethiopia and Kenya are four times more … Continue reading

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3 facts about endometrial cancer

How to catch it early, be cured, reduce your risk BY AMBER SMITH Any vaginal bleeding after menopause — even if it’s only once, and even if it’s only a little bit — is abnormal. It doesn’t always signal cancer, … Continue reading

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Softening the blow of chemotherapy

BY AMBER SMITH Some types of chemotherapy deplete bone marrow stem cells that are responsible for the body’s daily production of blood cells. That is debilitating for many patients, who may become so sick they require hospitalization. Their cancer treatment may be … Continue reading

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He specializes in cancer care; now he’s got patient experience as well

BY AMBER SMITH In the weeks before nurse practitioner Ibrahim Thabet turned 31, he took care of patients with cancer, as he has for more than eight years at Upstate. In the weeks after his birthday, he became a cancer … Continue reading

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Early detection saved her: Now it’s her job to encourage mammograms

BY AMBER SMITH Christina Wallace was due for a mammogram, but she had just begun a new job and didn’t want to ask for time off. She canceled the appointment. That night, she stretched out on her couch. Her cat, Gracie, jumped … Continue reading

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Officer Rosie: Preschooler undergoes treatment for rare cancer

BY AMBER SMITH When Rosie Snowdon grows up, she want to be a police officer. The village of Baldwinsville — where Rosie’s parents, Jake Snowdon and Arianna Leonard, were both born and raised — coordinated with the police department and … Continue reading

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In older patients, early skin biopsy may be warranted

BY AMBER SMITH Angiosarcoma is a cancer that spreads easily from the cells where it originates, in the lining of the blood vessels and lymphatic channels. When it appears in the skin, it’s called cutaneous angiosarcoma; it’s rare, but deadly, … Continue reading

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 The benefits of deep breathing

BY AMBER SMITH If you’re feeling anxious because of the pandemic — and who isn’t? — Upstate’s director of integrative medicine, Kaushal Nanavati, MD, recommends taking a moment to breathe deeply. “Take a nice, deep inhaling breath, the longest inhale possible,” he coaches, … Continue reading

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