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Program shows teens that distracted driving can be deadly

Cellphones, alcohol or drug use, passenger conversation and the car radio are the most common distractions for teen drivers, said Kim Nasby, RN, the Upstate Trauma Center’s injury prevention coordinator and an instructor in the Let’s Not Meet by Accident … Continue reading

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Meet the doctors who help stroke patients get their lives back

Someone suffering symptoms of a stroke is surrounded by caregivers in the emergency department. Doctors assess the person’s consciousness, eye movement, reflexes, memory, and ability to speak. Nurses start intravenous lines for medications, fluids and blood samples. Radiologists examine the … Continue reading

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When to be concerned about bladder cancer

A medical scan of your abdomen or pelvis may reveal more than what your doctor was looking for. Some specific features of your bladder could indicate cancer, even if you have no pain, bleeding or other symptoms. A follow-up is … Continue reading

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Family supports one another through weight loss surgery

The most successful weight loss surgery patients surround themselves with people who have had the surgery, are following the new way of eating and can support the post-operative lifestyle. Sometimes these veteran patients are found within hospital support groups. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Protecting preemies and patients on ventilators

Critically ill patients who require ventilators are at risk for developing acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition with a mortality rate higher than that of breast cancer in the United States. Four out of 10 of those patients who develop acute … Continue reading

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Here’s the summer Upstate Health magazine

Summer for many Central New Yorkers means getting outdoors, whether at amusement parks, on lakes or beaches, or in back yards. The summer issue of Upstate Health magazine features two nurses who kayak every chance they get. We also look … Continue reading

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What you need to know about second opinions

A variety of doctors at Upstate care for patients who are diagnosed with cancer. We tapped some of them to share insights on second opinions. Here’s what they had to say: 1. You don’t need my permission to get a … Continue reading

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A new perspective: Hodgkin lymphoma changed her body and her mind

BY AMBER SMITH Emily Breclaw underwent four rounds of chemotherapy, each lasting a couple week. She deal with three day of nausea, and soon after that subsided, and soon after that subsided, she had whole-body muscle aches with which to … Continue reading

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Seeking families with young children for study on child mental health

A pair of mental health researchers at Upstate are studying new ways to classify mental health disorders in children and looking to change the way psychiatric disorders are understood and diagnosed in the future. Stephen Faraone, PhD, and Stephen Glatt, … Continue reading

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Newly approved drug boosts pediatric cancer survival rates

When Jessica Brickman of Camillus put her baby, Jack, to sleep that Friday last fall, the 9-month-old was just as jolly and happy as always. The little guy awoke with black circles around his eyes, clearly not feeling well, and … Continue reading

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