Cancer Care

Welcome to Cancer Care, a publication made available by the Upstate Cancer Center. Within its pages are stories about people who have been touched by cancer, along with input from the experts at Upstate.

Scroll below, and click on links to any issue to view a full electronic version.

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spring16cancerThe spring 2016 issue of Cancer Care magazine features Dorette Thompson on the cover, and inside she shares a bit of wisdom for anyone dealing with cancer or a serious health concern. This issue also contains patient stories about bone marrow transplant, gamma knife treatment and lung cancer.

For a glimpse behind the scenes, at a weekly meeting where individual patients’ care is discussed among experts, read the story on page 7.

Have you ever heard of  a nurse navigator? You’ll want to read page 11.

You’ll learn about prostate cancer, the situation of ‘liver mets’ when cancer spreads, and how a particular protein may hold clues to solving kidney cancer. And, our registered dietitian nutritionist, Maria Erdman shares information about the value of plant-based diets.


cancercarewinter16Donna Colton is on the cover of the winter 2016 issue of Cancer Care magazine with her guitar. The performer from Manlius shares her experience with an unusual form of cancer, adenocarcinoma of the sweat glands. This issue also contains a story from a woman with lung cancer, along with a look at hepatobiliary cancers, the HPV vaccine, and melanomas.

Researchers at Upstate Medical University explain why attention is turning to proteins in the quest to cure cancer. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund awarded grants to five projects this fall, each of which is described in Cancer Care. There is also an explanation of how cancer produces estrogen within a tumor — and much more. Read the winter 2016 issue of Cancer Care magazine, and share any story ideas with editor Amber Smith at



The fall 2015 issue of Cancer Care magazine features Jack Edgerton on the cover. He’s a cancer survivor and a volunteer at the Upstate Cancer Center, and he shares his story starting on page 5. Readers will also meet a preschooler who underwent an intricate operation to remove a kidney tumor, and a woman who survived breast cancer. (If you’ve got a story to share, please let us know by emailing editor Amber Smith at

On other pages of this issue, you’ll learn about why some cancer programs open themselves up to assessment, the value of palliative care and the ways in which a dietitian can be of help to someone with cancer. We’ve also got an explanation of the staging and grading of prostate cancers, plus a look at zinc — a possible element of future cancer treatment.

Remember, subscriptions to Cancer Care are free. Complete this online subscription request or send an email to with “Cancer Care” in the subject line and your mailing address in the body of the message.


Layout 1Emily Breclaw is on the cover of the summer issue of Cancer Care, at the pool where she trains with her swim team. Read how Hodgkin lymphoma has changed her body and her mind. This issue includes stories from a family whose toddler has a neuroblastoma and a from a breast cancer survivor who had her ovaries removed to avoid ovarian cancer.

You will also read about cancer research taking place at Upstate, in laboratories lead by Leszek Kotula, MD, PhD, and Wenyi Feng, PhD.  And, a variety of experts share advice on the value of second opinions, the dangers of electronic cigarettes and how to select the proper sunscreen.


cancercarewinter2015Our winter issue of Cancer Care features on its cover Heather Gangemi, a young woman who remains vigilant with her health in adulthood because of her  cancer diagnosis in childhood.

Also in this issue, readers will get a look at the new neurosurgical suite, which allows patients to undergo magnetic resonance imaging before surgeons close incisions. We will introduce you to two patients who wrote books about their cancer experiences, and a man whose elevated PSA mystery was solved at Upstate.

Our experts tackle questions on the risks of oral cancer, avoiding nausea, getting a good night’s rest, and deciding on the appropriate treatment for advanced lung cancer.

For a free subscription to Cancer Care, send an email to with “Cancer Care” in the subject line. Provide your name and mailing address.


cancercarefall2014The fall 2014 issue of Cancer Care magazine features the remarkable story of how a surgeon removed a bladder wracked by cancer and replaced it with one he built from a portion of the patient’s own intestine. Readers will also meet a cancer survivor who has developed a career in cancer research, and they will read about promising research involving 10 scientists from Upstate Medical University. This issue features a spread about cancers that may be acquired on the job, and a look at the dangers of hepatitis C, along with breast reconstruction options for women after mastectomy.

In addition, find advice about how to avoid constipation, what to do about hair loss and six reasons to say no to e-cigarettes.


Zach Ellingson on the cover of the new Cancer Care magazine.

Zach Ellingson on the cover of the new Cancer Care magazine.

Cancer Care is provided by the Upstate Cancer Center, part of Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. The premiere issue of the magazine was available for the public previews of the new building in the summer of 2014. Its cover features Zach Ellingson, an 8-year-old patient of Karol Kerr, MD, who has battled acute lymphocytic leukemia, the most common type of cancer in childhood.

Also included is an in-depth look at the design and building of the new Upstate Cancer Center and the art inside and outside of the facility, plus information and expertise from a variety of caregivers. There are stories about the best surgery for kidney cancer, a clinical trial for lung cancer and a look at how tumors are targeted with precision using the new Vero. You will also find an energy-boosting recipe, advice on growing a healing garden, what to do about dry mouth, how to help a loved one consume enough calories — plus three ways advocacy can help end cancer.

For a free subscription to Cancer Care, send your name and address to with “cancer care” in the subject line.

Upstate Medical University is an academic medical center with four colleges, a robust biomedical research enterprise and an extensive clinical health care system that includes Upstate University Hospital’s downtown and community campuses, the Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital and many outpatient facilities throughout Central New York — in addition to the Upstate Cancer Center.


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