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Measuring, treating a patient’s distress is part of shift in attitudes

Years ago, people believed a cancer diagnosis meant death. They were so ashamed of the disease that its name was mentioned only in whispers. Fast-forward 50 years. “Most people today say, ‘Well, I think maybe I’m going to be OK’ … Continue reading

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How palliative care brings comfort to suffering patients, families

BY JIM HOWE A doctor hangs her head. A patient loses hope. Medicines haven’t worked. Surgery is not an option. Frustration, fright, even anger fills the air. That’s often the type of situation nurse practitioner Susan Shaw encounters. “My goal … Continue reading

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Meet writers, artists from this year’s ‘Healing Muse’ literary journal

Writers and artists whose work appears on the pages of this year’s double issue of ‘The Healing Muse” literary journal will appear at a launch party Wednesday, Oct. 14. Copies of the publication will be available for sale at the … Continue reading

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Here’s the summer Upstate Health magazine

Summer for many Central New Yorkers means getting outdoors, whether at amusement parks, on lakes or beaches, or in back yards. The summer issue of Upstate Health magazine features two nurses who kayak every chance they get. We also look … Continue reading

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Your health care proxy is a gift to your loved ones

BY TIMOTHY CREAMER, MD  I sat with my father on a cool early summer afternoon. I forget what we were chatting about specifically, though probably it was something financial. That was his expertise. The conversation drifted, and we sat silently … Continue reading

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Finding the virtue in medical practice

You may have heard of the seven deadly sins – pride, anger, envy, lust, greed, gluttony and sloth. Well, there are also seven so-called “primary” virtues, which derive from ancient sources — four cardinal virtues come from Plato, and three … Continue reading

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‘Mercy Killers’ playwrite/actor to perform at Upstate

Michael Milligan plays the role of Joe in the one-man play he wrote called “Mercy Killers” that illustrates problems in the American health care system. He visits Syracuse to perform the play from noon to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 19. … Continue reading

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Time Warner Cable News broadcasts ‘Dying with Dignity’ series

  Nurse practitioner Pat Knox, a clinical assistant professor at Upstate, was interviewed about Upstate’s No One Dies Alone program for a Time Warner Cable News series. “Dying with Dignity” airs this week of April 21. Knox specializes in palliative care. … Continue reading

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Good read: Christopher Hitchens travels from ‘Welltown’ to ‘Tumortown’ in ‘Mortality’

By Joel Potash, MD Christopher Hitchens was a famous author, journalist, and lecturer who loved to debate religion with representatives of various religions. He was an atheist and perhaps best know for his book, “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything.” … Continue reading

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Who was Bruce Dearing, and why does a writing award bear his name?

This is the 28th year of the annual Bruce Dearing Writing Award Competition at Upstate. Staff, faculty and students may submit fiction, essay, memoir and poetry, and the winners are considered for publication in Upstate’s literary journal, The Healing Muse.  … Continue reading

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