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In case you missed it: multiple sclerosis rates, a major hospital donation, ‘quiet kits,’ early med school admission

Why are MS rates so high in Syracuse? Experts are trying to understand why the rate of multiple sclerosis in the Syracuse area is nearly double the national average, according to a report from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The report … Continue reading

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Stroke expertise available in rural areas, thanks to technology

Central New Yorkers who live far from Syracuse can tap into the expertise of the stroke specialists at Upstate University Hospital’s comprehensive stroke center at several regional hospitals that partner with Upstat In those outlying hospitals, interactive computer videoconferencing via … Continue reading

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Different strokes: 3 Central New Yorkers share their health crises

BY AMBER SMITH Anyone can have a stroke. Three people who did, and who were treated recently at Upstate’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, share their experiences, illustrating how strokes differ. The people had different symptoms and different treatments. One is in … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: The cerebral cortex

A research team at Upstate identified an unusual form of neurodevelopmental delay that is caused by deficiency in a protein called paxillin. They have discovered that brain cells that are deficient in paxillin move more slowly than healthy brain cells, and … Continue reading

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Rethinking hydrocephalus: Neurosurgeon asks: Would a medication work better than surgery?

Editor’s note: This is one of three articles on Upstate’s “renegade researchers” — scientists who are providing new ways of looking at long-standing medical problems, including hydrocephalus (detailed below), Kaposi sarcoma and schizophrenia. BY AMBER SMITH Brain surgery to install … Continue reading

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Stroke patients can beat risk for depression

BY JIM HOWE At least a third of people who have a stroke become depressed or show some symptoms of depression, according to an expert who often treats such patients. It’s called post-stroke depression, explains rehabilitation psychologist Michelle Woogen, PsyD, … Continue reading

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An expert’s suggestions for getting proper sleep

BY AMBER SMITH The specter of cancer, the intricacies of treatment and the side effects can create enormous stress — which can lead to nights spent tossing and turning instead of sleeping. If that describes you, or someone you love, … Continue reading

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What’s Up at Upstate: In case you missed it …

CANCER CENTER EXPANDS When the Upstate Cancer Center opened in July 2014, only the first three floors of the five-story building were completed and occupied. The fourth and fifth floors were constructed but left empty, anticipating future Upstate needs. The … Continue reading

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7 facts about stroke you probably didn’t know

Are you aware of the following facts about stroke? People having strokes usually are able to hear and comprehend what’s happening around them. That’s because the parts of the brain responsible for hearing and comprehension are rarely affected by stroke, … Continue reading

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National media featuring Lola Muñoz raise attention for deadly brain cancer

BY AMBER SMITH Photographs of a 12-year-old patient of Melanie Comito, MD, accompanied recent stories in the Washington Post and National Geographic magazine. Lola Muñoz lived for 19 months after her diagnosis with a deadly brain cancer called DIPG, diffuse intrinsic … Continue reading

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