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Seeking a cure for human blindness in a frog’s cells

Growing retinal cells in frogs may teach us how to do the same in humans, which could restore sight to those whose vision has been impaired. This image is a close-up section of a tadpole eye with the rod photoreceptor … Continue reading

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Can older people ride roller coasters?

Question: Roller coasters and other wild rides provided so much enjoyment in my youth, but as I’ve gotten older, riding these rides leaves me feeling ill, with nausea, dizziness and/or headaches that last for hours afterward. What’s going on? Answer: “You have … Continue reading

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Program shows teens that distracted driving can be deadly

Cellphones, alcohol or drug use, passenger conversation and the car radio are the most common distractions for teen drivers, said Kim Nasby, RN, the Upstate Trauma Center’s injury prevention coordinator and an instructor in the Let’s Not Meet by Accident … Continue reading

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Numbers paint varied portrait of people, projects, events, history at Upstate

Words tell stories, but so can numbers. The eight below help illustrate the missions of Upstate Medical University – medical care, education and research – and reveal the institution’s dedication to the Syracuse community through charitable donations and its environmental … Continue reading

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Mediterranean chickpea salad offers a light, adaptable meal

Here’s a light meal that you can change with the addition of seasonal greens, such as spinach, kale, arugula or frisee. This recipe yields four 2-cup portions. Ingredients 6 ounces “spring mix” lettuce 4 ounces romaine lettuce, chopped 1/4 cup … Continue reading

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Endoscopic surgery leaves salivary gland intact, no scars

People in need of salivary gland surgery have more options, thanks to a new ear, nose and throat surgeon on staff at Upstate. Mark Marzouk, MD, the chief of the division of head and neck oncologic surgery, is one of … Continue reading

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Tech expert offers computer training to help bridge the digital gap

A senior programmer at Upstate spends some of his free time helping to close the digital divide. That’s the division between those with computer and Internet access and skill sets, and those without. Joe Huber volunteers at the Rescue Mission … Continue reading

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Cellphone-assisted diagnosis saved a newborn, guided a career

Rahul Dudhani, MD, remembers when he was new to Syracuse and had a chance – but influential – encounter in June 2012 at Café Kubal. He was a few weeks away from starting his surgical training at Upstate, and enjoying a … Continue reading

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Minimally invasive laser surgery targets excess tissue while leaving prostate intact

An enlarged prostate can affect the flow of a man’s urine and create urgency and frequency issues that can impact his daily activities and sleep. Medications are often prescribed, but they may only offer temporary relief and intolerable side effects. … Continue reading

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Planner tackles health needs of soldiers, families, neighbors at Fort Drum

Two years after earning his master’s degree in public health, Ian Grant said he never would have imagined he’d be managing an annual budget of $1.5 million in state grants for population health. That’s exactly what he’s doing as population … Continue reading

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