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Installing a port and a feeding tube at the same time makes sense for some patients – and it’s safe, study shows

BY AMBER SMITH Most patients with head and neck cancer require the installation of a port, and many will also need a feeding tube. “For the patient’s convenience, placing both devices at the same time would be ideal,” says Katsuhiro … Continue reading

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Science is art

As an associate professor of otolaryngology and communication sciences, Mike Lyon, PhD, studies the way cells communicate and work together. Connexins form junctions between cells, allowing for passage of large molecules, as shown above. Different surfaces of the epiglottis, located … Continue reading

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Read about Upstate expertise in Physicians Practice magazine

The February edition of Physicians Practice magazine showcases Upstate experts from gerontology, urology, otolaryngology, nursing and pharmacy, as well as a story about Danielle Laraque-Arena, Upstate’s new president. Physicians Practice is a publication that is distributed to physicians throughout the … Continue reading

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Patients with broken jaws may also have concussions

Concussions caused by sports injuries and active-duty military combat have garnered lots of publicity lately. Specialists at Upstate are now calling attention to a concussion that can result from a forceful punch to the jaw. Patients with isolated mandible fractures … Continue reading

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11 additions to Upstate’s Community Campus

Services have expanded, and new technology and equipment has been added to Upstate’s Community Campus in the four years since Upstate University Hospital acquired Community General Hospital. Here are 11 additions to know about: * Two types of specialized emergency … Continue reading

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Why does the cold weather make my nose run?

Haidy Marzouck, MD, an otolaryngologist at Upstate who specializes in sino-nasal allergies, said the answer to why a person’s nose runs in cold weather has two components. “It’s part of your nose’s job to condition the air as it travels … Continue reading

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A ‘knife’ that fixes tumors without cutting

When Kathleen Vincitore, 69, of Liverpool learned she had a small tumor growing on the nerve between her right ear and her brain, she was relieved it was not cancer. The retired teacher spends her winters in Florida. When she … Continue reading

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Can older people ride roller coasters?

Question: Roller coasters and other wild rides provided so much enjoyment in my youth, but as I’ve gotten older, riding these rides leaves me feeling ill, with nausea, dizziness and/or headaches that last for hours afterward. What’s going on? Answer: “You have … Continue reading

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Endoscopic surgery leaves salivary gland intact, no scars

People in need of salivary gland surgery have more options, thanks to a new ear, nose and throat surgeon on staff at Upstate. Mark Marzouk, MD, the chief of the division of head and neck oncologic surgery, is one of … Continue reading

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Here’s the summer Upstate Health magazine

Summer for many Central New Yorkers means getting outdoors, whether at amusement parks, on lakes or beaches, or in back yards. The summer issue of Upstate Health magazine features two nurses who kayak every chance they get. We also look … Continue reading

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