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Adventurer sees what’s possible

Tim Conners of Fulton is a blind adventurer who set out to — and did — summit Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak. He set out in late May, after graduating from Ithaca College, and reached the summit in early June. … Continue reading

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Looking at eye development

BY AMBER SMITH A discovery by a research team at Upstate reveals the minimal recipe for the creation of the retinal cells that make vision possible. This new knowledge offers a hopeful glimpse that scientists might be able to prompt … Continue reading

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Amazon ecolodge becomes enduring hobby for father and son eye doctors

BY JIM HOWE What started with a vacation trip in the 1990s has blossomed into something of a second career in Amazon ecology and tourism for an Upstate ophthalmologist. Charles A. Mango, MD, 72, of Solvay, who has a private … Continue reading

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A different stroke: Hers happened after a neck adjustment

BY AMBER SMITH In seeking relief for tension headaches, Carmella Carroll sought treatment that – she later learned – increased her risk for a stroke. The Manlius woman was 33 in October 2009 when she went to a chiropractor for … Continue reading

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Collection of Upstate news and information in Physicians Practice magazine

Here are some of the news items about Upstate that are included in the January issue of Physicians Practice magazine. Click the magazine at left to view the digital issue. Several construction projects that are in the works at Upstate … Continue reading

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Operation Honduras: They volunteer by providing eye surgery

Just about every year since 1987, a pair of Syracuse eye doctors spend a week or two in what they lovingly refer to as their satellite office – in a town called La Ceiba in Honduras. Along with colleagues, Thomas … Continue reading

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Seeking a cure for human blindness in a frog’s cells

Growing retinal cells in frogs may teach us how to do the same in humans, which could restore sight to those whose vision has been impaired. This image is a close-up section of a tadpole eye with the rod photoreceptor … Continue reading

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Numbers paint varied portrait of people, projects, events, history at Upstate

Words tell stories, but so can numbers. The eight below help illustrate the missions of Upstate Medical University – medical care, education and research – and reveal the institution’s dedication to the Syracuse community through charitable donations and its environmental … Continue reading

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Regenerative medicine teaches the body to repair itself

Imagine your grandfather develops trouble with his vision. Straight lines appear distorted. The center of whatever he looks at turns blurry and dark. His color perception diminishes. You bring him to a doctor, in hopes that he doesn’t go blind. … Continue reading

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Spring issue of Upstate Health magazine available now

Elizabeth Reddy, MD, is on the cover of the Spring 2015 Upstate Health magazine, related to a story about preventing the spread of HIV with a pill. This is something of which researchers were just beginning to dream in the … Continue reading

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