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How to get your mind off a cancer diagnosis long enough to get a good night’s sleep

Q & A with Kaushal Nanavati, MD “Most people who are depressed or anxious are troubled about a past that we cannot go back to change or a future that may not even come to fruition. In that process, we … Continue reading

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Are you getting too much calcium?

Getting enough calcium is important, to keep your bones healthy. But getting too much may increase your risk for developing kidney stones or calcium toxicity or mess up your body’s ability to absorb other minerals. Adults should ingest no more … Continue reading

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Love Potion ’65: A gall bladder, a black out and a blizzard

The hospital’s 50th anniversary — and this cold, snowy winter — inspired Paul Berman MD, class of ’63, to share his strongest memory of the newly built Upstate University Hospital: The night the lights went out and he met his … Continue reading

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Medicine chairman comments on Syracuse air quality

An American Lung Association “State of the Air” report last week caught the attention of Dr. Michael Iannuzzi, MD, who chairs the Department of Medicine at Upstate. He spoke with Matt Stevens, a meteorologist at CNY Central about the grade of “C” … Continue reading

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