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Can she outsmart a gene? Young scientist strives to influence prostate cancer cells

Once prostate cancer spreads, treatment usually includes hormones known as androgen deprivation therapy. “This shuts down testosterone production, which is effective for a while but associated with big quality-of-life costs,” explains Rebecca Sager, a fourth-year MD/PhD student at Upstate who … Continue reading

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She’s his lifesaver: Her bone marrow cured his leukemia

  BY AMBER SMITH Greg Siwinski and his family looked forward to hosting a woman from Hildesheim, Germany, last October at their home in Syracuse. He had never met her, but the two had a special connection. Bone marrow from … Continue reading

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Upstate researchers decipher breast cancer clues in proteins

BY AMBER SMITH In the laboratories at Upstate Medical University, some breast cancer research focuses on proteins, the microscopic molecules that are present in all living organisms. “Proteins in cells are responsible for doing much of the work within cells, including … Continue reading

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Upstate researchers seek participants for mental health study

Researchers from Upstate are seeking families to take part in a study of the genetic bases of some childhood behavioral and psychiatric disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. About the project: Most of the common disorders of this type are … Continue reading

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Solving a neurodegenerative mystery: Now that we know how cells die, can we halt their death?

A project on which Xin Jie Chen, PhD, has been working for a decade provides insight into the physiological impact of mitochondrial dysfunction, which is associated with an increasing number of aging-related neuromuscular degenerative diseases. Chen is a professor of … Continue reading

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Grateful patient gives back in honor of her ‘new life’ after transplant

When she was 22, Michelle Mastropolo learned she had polycystic kidney disease, an incurable genetic disease that took the lives of her mother and then her brother. Thirty years later, in early 2014, she was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure. … Continue reading

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New drug for cystic fibrosis patients may reduce organ damage

Upstate patients with cystic fibrosis were part of the national clinical trial that led to approval of one of the first drugs designed to treat the underlying cause of the disease, an inherited life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and … Continue reading

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Will zinc be an element of future cancer treatment?

BY AMBER SMITH Cancer researchers for decades have focused their microscopes on the tissue where cancer is discovered, be it the lung, the breast, the skin or elsewhere. “Now we are learning it’s not so much where the cancer comes … Continue reading

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Patient with rare disease joins scientists at international symposium

Tracy Graham of Grandview, Ind., was diagnosed with Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome in 2013. The rare disorder—the condition has been reported in only about 400 families—affects the skin and lungs and raises the risk of kidney cancer. So when Tracy found out … Continue reading

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Numbers paint varied portrait of people, projects, events, history at Upstate

Words tell stories, but so can numbers. The eight below help illustrate the missions of Upstate Medical University – medical care, education and research – and reveal the institution’s dedication to the Syracuse community through charitable donations and its environmental … Continue reading

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