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Sugar and soy: dispelling the 2 biggest food myths about cancer

Don’t blame sugar Glucose feeds all cells in the body, and cancer cells use more blood sugar than do less active cells. But that doesn’t mean eating sugar (or not eating sugar) influences how rapidly cancer spreads, says Upstate registered … Continue reading

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Window to an ill youngster’s world: Therapy with miniatures and sand goes beyond child’s play

BY JIM HOWE A box of sand and an assortment of  miniatures helps young patients portray their world, and perhaps make sense of it, at the Waters Center for Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders and the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology unit at the Upstate … Continue reading

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Have you seen the summer issue of Cancer Care magazine?

Welcome to Cancer Care magazine’s summer 2016 issue. Medical student Ogochukwu Ezeoke, smiling from our cover, aspires to a career in cancer research, and like many scientists she’s intrigued with the idea of using a patient’s immune system to fight … Continue reading

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Breast cancer gene also increases risk of prostate cancer

BY AMBER SMITH Although prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in men in the United States, the disease kills fewer than 3 percent of those diagnosed. It typically grows slowly, becoming deadly after it metastasizes, or spreads beyond … Continue reading

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Experiences with cancer point medical student toward career in immunotherapy research

BY JIM McKEEVER Ogochukwu Ezeoke is excited about advances in cancer treatment, especially the idea of using a patient’s immune system to fight disease. Many breakthrough drug approvals in the past year have been immunotherapy medications, and the first-year medical … Continue reading

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Immune therapy: Training the body’s immune system to kill cancer

BY AMBER SMITH Rarely does a primary tumor kill. In cancer, death is more typical after the cancer spreads, or metastasizes. Upstate’s William Kerr, PhD, is a pediatric cancer researcher focused on making the immune system better at killing cancer. … Continue reading

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Should you be getting 3-D mammograms?

Women with dense breast tissue have the most reason to seek 3-dimensional mammography, says Ravi Adhikary, MD, director of the women’s imaging section at Upstate. Dense tissue appears white on a regular 2-dimensional mammogram, so it can mask cancer, which … Continue reading

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Formerly known as cancer: Experts now view one type of thyroid growth as noncancerous

BY JIM HOWE Thyroid cancer can usually be cured if caught early, and one type of abnormal thyroid growth may no longer be considered a cancer at all. The thyroid, a small gland at the base of the neck, produces … Continue reading

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An aspirin a day: Can a pill protect you from colorectal cancer?

Aspirin has long been recommended to help prevent heart disease and reduce stroke risk in some patients. Now the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says evidence shows the anti-inflammatory pill can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. But before adding … Continue reading

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Making sense: How scientific data can be quantified to help patients

BY AMBER SMITH Doctors wonder, “If I do ‘x’ procedure, is my patient likely to benefit?” and “Is the ‘y’ medication I prescribed having any effect?” To answer these questions, doctors may turn to quantitative imaging, the extraction of numerical … Continue reading

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