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Restoring peace: Why salvaging the adrenal gland makes sense

BY AMBER SMITH On top of each kidney sits an adrenal gland, which produces hormones a person cannot live without. A variety of different tumors can develop in an adrenal gland. The tumor’s location, size and function influences how it … Continue reading

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Better air = better brains: Study shows cognitive function improves when indoor ventilation improves

Reducing carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air can have a profound impact on decision-making, according to a research team from Upstate, Harvard and Syracuse universities. The team’s study shows that people working in “green” offices, with good ventilation … Continue reading

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Surgery — pause — more surgery: a new way to treat abdominal trauma

BY AMBER SMITH In the past, patients who arrived at Upstate University Hospital with major abdominal trauma would go straight to the operating room, where surgeons would work for hours to repair their injuries. Already weak from blood loss and … Continue reading

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Precision improvements make radiation therapy safer

In essence, radiation therapy works by forming electrically charged particles called ions and depositing energy into the cells or tissues it passes through. That energy can kill the cells outright or prompt genetic changes that cause cancer cell death. Cancer … Continue reading

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What is so enticing about heroin?

  Opioid analgesics such as heroin relieve pain by altering your perception of pain signals from your body. They are “enticing” because they are also able to stimulate an area in your brain associated with reward, which leads the user … Continue reading

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High-intensity fitness boot camp keeps surgeon in shape

Staying fit can be a challenge during the long Central New York winters. Alex Helkin, MD, a second-year resident in general surgery at Upstate, follows a Fit Body Boot Camp program. He attends half-hour classes almost every day at Liverpool … Continue reading

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Strokes are affecting more young people: Do you know how to react to symptoms?

What would you be likely to do within the first three hours of experiencing weakness, numbness, difficulty speaking or difficulty seeing? Researchers from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center asked this question of more than a thousand people nationwide — and … Continue reading

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Calcium in baby formula? Thank an Upstate pediatrician

Before the 1950s, some babies who were not breast-fed developed intermittent muscular spasms known as tetany. The cow’s milk formulas they were fed contained too much naturally occurring phosphorus, relative to human milk. The high phosphorus caused a drop in … Continue reading

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Aggressive screening may be factor in Onondaga County’s high prostate cancer rate

  The incidence of prostate cancer is statistically higher in Onondaga County, compared to New York state and the United States, but the mortality rate is not significantly different. One possible explanation may be the high level of attention to … Continue reading

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The money question: Financial worry can impact care

A patient should be able to talk with his or her doctor about anything. Yet, many patients won’t bring up financial worries. The new cancer drugs approved since 2014 costs more than $120,000 per year of treatment. Many patients may … Continue reading

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