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How to feel better: Tips for self-care when sick

By DARCY DiBIASE When you’re not feeling well, it’s hard to do anything but not feel well. Antibiotics won’t help if you’re suffering with a cold or flu caused by a virus. But you can take measures to help yourself … Continue reading

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Handwashing: Answers to some key questions

BY AMBER SMITH A conversation about how best to wash your hands to stop the spread of the coronavirus with Jarrod Bagatell, MD, a doctor of family medicine and the medical director for employee health at Upstate. Does it matter … Continue reading

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Advice for caring for someone who has COVID-19

BY AMBER SMITH With no specific treatment for COVID-19, people who are sick at home may be comforted with supportive care measures. That means get plenty of rest. Stay hydrated with plenty of fluids. Consider honey, vitamin C and a … Continue reading

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It’s not the flu: Coronavirus is deadlier, spreads faster, experts explain

BY AMBER SMITH The coronavirus appears to be spreading more quickly and infecting more people than influenza does, with a higher percentage of those infected requiring intensive medical care, and with a higher death rate. As of early April, adults … Continue reading

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Crisis control: A hospital responds to a pandemic

BY AMBER SMITH It felt like the world turned upside down. So many changes, so suddenly, so surreal. Medical classes moved online. Research laboratories shut down. Fever checks. Face masks. Toilet paper shortages. Rationing of pasta and butter and sugar. … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: multiple sclerosis rates, a major hospital donation, ‘quiet kits,’ early med school admission

Why are MS rates so high in Syracuse? Experts are trying to understand why the rate of multiple sclerosis in the Syracuse area is nearly double the national average, according to a report from Blue Cross Blue Shield. The report … Continue reading

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The power of vaccines: What we can learn from science – and a pioneering Upstate graduate

BY AMBER SMITH How do we know, for sure, that vaccines don’t cause autism? “Science has a funny thing about absolutes. If you ask a scientist, ‘Can you say for sure?’ the scientist will say, ‘I can’t go beyond my … Continue reading

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Scientists come to Upstate for in-depth opportunity to study ticks

BY AMBER SMITH Saravanan Thangamani, PhD, moved from Galveston, Texas, to Central New York for the ticks. So did five members of his lab, which is devoted to research on tick-borne and mosquito-borne diseases. Recently they collected 115 ticks to … Continue reading

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5 reasons your child needs the HPV vaccine

Here are five reasons your child needs to get vaccinated for HPV, the human papillomavirus,  according to the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health: Cancer screening tests will not protect your child … Continue reading

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Facing a crisis: Meet the Upstate experts working  to solve the opioid epidemic

The opioid epidemic is fueled both by the abuse of street drugs such as heroin and the addiction to prescription painkillers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says prescription opioids contribute to 40 percent of all opioid overdose deaths in the United … Continue reading

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