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13 things I learned from the fall issue of Upstate Health

The pages of the fall 2016 Upstate Health magazine are loaded with important information and a few surprises. If you’re not on our mailing list, you should be. Send an email with your name and mailing address to with “Upstate … Continue reading

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Meth lab dangers: Exposure can cause lasting effects

BY AMBER SMITH Rescuers whose jobs take them to clandestine methamphetamine labs risk exposure to chemicals that can cause what appears to be permanent damage to their memory-making ability. Specialists in anesthesiology and neurology at Upstate Medical University tell about … Continue reading

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Safe houses: 11 things emergency doctors ban from their homes

BY AMBER SMITH Doctors at Upstate University Hospital’s emergency department are on the front lines of the mayhem and mishaps that befall young Central New Yorkers. They care for people with every imaginable injury or illness at their workplace, the … Continue reading

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Helping newborns by helping moms off drugs

BY AMBER SMITH One quarter of the babies born in Onondaga County have been exposed to an opioid drug of some sort in the womb, making for one of the highest rates of newborn drug exposure in New York state. … Continue reading

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What is so enticing about heroin?

  Opioid analgesics such as heroin relieve pain by altering your perception of pain signals from your body. They are “enticing” because they are also able to stimulate an area in your brain associated with reward, which leads the user … Continue reading

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How to safely keep — and dispose of — medications in your home

Storing medications securely Children, the elderly and anyone who takes more than three medications are at greatest risk of taking the wrong medicine or the wrong dose of medicine. To help reduce the risk of medication error, pediatric pharmacists from … Continue reading

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Information, inspiration in Upstate Health spring issue

In this issue of Upstate Health: * Read about the expansion of Upstate’s sleep center, the only one in this region with services that accommodate children as young as infants. * Meet a former trauma patient who shares his ordeal, … Continue reading

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Opioid misuse tied to heroin dangers

Here is a Q&A with Michele Caliva, RN, and Nicholas Nacca, MD. Caliva is the administrative director of the Upstate New York Poison Center. Nacca is a medical toxicology fellow. You can listen to an extended version of this interview … Continue reading

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Drugs you rub into your skin can be dangerous, too

When a previously healthy 18-month-old child developed a diaper rash, the toddler’s mother reached for some pain-relieving cream. What she grabbed was a prescription her husband used for neck pain. She rubbed a small amount onto her son’s rash and … Continue reading

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Doc puts toxicology in a box for medical education

An assistant professor of emergency medicine is using comic illustration to teach clinical toxicology. “Toxicology in a Box” is a deck of 154 full-color flashcards designed to teach how to recognize and treat drug overdoses and poisonings. Brian Kloss, DO … Continue reading

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