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Numbers paint varied portrait of people, projects, events, history at Upstate

Words tell stories, but so can numbers. The eight below help illustrate the missions of Upstate Medical University – medical care, education and research – and reveal the institution’s dedication to the Syracuse community through charitable donations and its environmental … Continue reading

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Romance, murder, drugs make potent mix in nurse practitioner’s fast-paced mystery novels

When Tony Cerminaro started writing his mystery series, the nurse practitioner planned to draw on his medical background in the hematology/oncology department at Upstate University Hospital. He crafted the fictional doctor Hank Milson as a main character in his first … Continue reading

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When to be concerned about bladder cancer

A medical scan of your abdomen or pelvis may reveal more than what your doctor was looking for. Some specific features of your bladder could indicate cancer, even if you have no pain, bleeding or other symptoms. A follow-up is … Continue reading

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Protecting preemies and patients on ventilators

Critically ill patients who require ventilators are at risk for developing acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition with a mortality rate higher than that of breast cancer in the United States. Four out of 10 of those patients who develop acute … Continue reading

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Here’s the summer Upstate Health magazine

Summer for many Central New Yorkers means getting outdoors, whether at amusement parks, on lakes or beaches, or in back yards. The summer issue of Upstate Health magazine features two nurses who kayak every chance they get. We also look … Continue reading

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How a tumor is diagnosed

As serious as it is, cancer is usually not an emergency, urologic oncologist Srinivas Vourganti, MD, told visitors to the Upstate Cancer Center this spring. A cancer diagnosis is a step-by-step process that has to be complete before exploring treatment options. … Continue reading

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Seeking families with young children for study on child mental health

A pair of mental health researchers at Upstate are studying new ways to classify mental health disorders in children and looking to change the way psychiatric disorders are understood and diagnosed in the future. Stephen Faraone, PhD, and Stephen Glatt, … Continue reading

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DNA details may reveal where cancer begins

Nearly everyone has spots along their chromosomes that are considered “fragile,” where gaps or constrictions leave the chromosome vulnerable to breaking. These areas are frequently affected in cancer, so they are of interest to cancer researchers including Wenyi Feng, PhD, … Continue reading

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He collected $5,000 one nickel at a time

The average person might not look forward to returning bottles and cans for the nickel deposit. But Laurence Segal, of DeWitt, has made that task part of a personal crusade to fight breast cancer. Aided at various times by his … Continue reading

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Missing gene tied to lethal prostate cancer

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer who lack a particular gene called WAVE-1 may have better survival odds if they are treated early. That’s according to research from scientists at Upstate Medical and Harvard universities, who worked together to link the … Continue reading

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