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Softening the blow of chemotherapy

BY AMBER SMITH Some types of chemotherapy deplete bone marrow stem cells that are responsible for the body’s daily production of blood cells. That is debilitating for many patients, who may become so sick they require hospitalization. Their cancer treatment may be … Continue reading

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Should you consider a clinical trial if you have cancer?

Clinical trials are research studies that people volunteer to join to evaluate new drugs, devices, or procedures. Most of the standard treatments used to treat cancer today were tested and shown to be effective through clinical trials — and the successful … Continue reading

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Urgent options: Lung physiologist explores how to help during a ventilator shortage

BY AMBER SMITH How to help large numbers of people with severe pneumonia during a pandemic had not crossed Gary Nieman’s mind. Now it’s all he thinks about. Nieman is a lung physiologist who has spent his career studying the … Continue reading

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Recovered from COVID-19? You may be able to help others 

BY EMILY KULKUS Upstate Medical University is seeking patients who have recovered from COVID-19 for an emergency clinical trial. The recovered patients would donate plasma, the liquid part of their blood, to help treat severely ill patients battling the disease. The … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: Coronavirus up close

A large group of clinical and basic scientists at Upstate is engaged in several activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These include efforts to: • Improve testing related to negative or inconclusive results. • Precisely quantify the viral levels in patients … Continue reading

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Up Close: A state-of-the-art mass spectrometer

A $1.1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health helped Upstate Medical University purchase one of the most advanced ultra-high performance mass spectrometers available today. The new machine allows researchers to make further advances in the fields of structural … Continue reading

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Putting the brakes on lung cancer

Finding clues to the cause of lung adenocarcinoma This is one of a series of articles focusing on lung cancer. BY AMBER SMITH Scientists have long searched for the cause of lung cancer, particularly lung adenocarcinoma, the type that commonly … Continue reading

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Exploring a protein’s role in lung cancer

This is one of a series of articles focusing on lung cancer. BY AMBER SMITH Work underway at Upstate is focused on a novel protein in lung cancer that could, potentially, help stimulate lung cancer cell death. It’s taking place … Continue reading

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Science Is Art: A genomic view of a disorder

A combination of genes and environmental factors triggers attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, according to researchers who identified 12 ADHD susceptibility genes. They say genes account for roughly 76% of cases of ADHD. “That does not mean that the environment is … Continue reading

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The power of vaccines: What we can learn from science – and a pioneering Upstate graduate

BY AMBER SMITH How do we know, for sure, that vaccines don’t cause autism? “Science has a funny thing about absolutes. If you ask a scientist, ‘Can you say for sure?’ the scientist will say, ‘I can’t go beyond my … Continue reading

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