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Dengue fever: Learning to reduce transmission

Studies in the urban coastal city of Machala, Ecuador, taught an international team of researchers, including some from Upstate, what’s necessary to reduce the transmission of dengue fever. The most vulnerable populations must be targeted, and local governments and community … Continue reading

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Spring issue of Upstate Health magazine available now

Elizabeth Reddy, MD, is on the cover of the Spring 2015 Upstate Health magazine, related to a story about preventing the spread of HIV with a pill. This is something of which researchers were just beginning to dream in the … Continue reading

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Chemotherapy — or not? For older patients with advanced lung cancer, the answer is not simple

Treatment for lung cancer can include surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, and what works for one patient may not be so successful in another. That’s particularly true among older patients. “Care for older patients is much more complex,” says Ajeet Gajra, … Continue reading

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14 questions to ask about clinical trials

The National Cancer Institute says the answers to these questions can help you decide whether to participate in a clinical trial. Ask your health care provider: Why is this trial being done? Why do the doctors who designed the trial … Continue reading

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How cancer care may be affected by depression, anxiety

A study by the Cancer Aging Research Group, which includes Upstate’s Ajeet Gajra, MD, examined the relationship between age, anxiety and depression in older adults with cancer. Some facts: More than half of all cancer diagnoses and almost three quarters … Continue reading

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Upstate researcher focuses on what a protein can teach about cancer

An Upstate scientist who conducts research in fruit flies is hopeful that her work will help our understanding of cancer and other diseases. Fruit flies are often used in research because their genome is similar to that of humans. Francesca … Continue reading

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Study: Free antibiotics meant more patients filled prescriptions

Doctors have a tendency to prescribe medications for which they have free samples to give to patients, according to several previous studies. Would doctors similarly prescribe medications that patients could get for free at Wegmans? That’s what a group of … Continue reading

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No, this is not bubble wrap

This issue’s “Science is Art is Science” feature comes from the laboratory of senior research scientist Gary Nieman. And no, it’s not bubble wrap. It’s a microscopic look at the air sacs in the lungs of a rat during mechanical ventilation. … Continue reading

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‘Physicians Practice’ magazine packed with information about Upstate

Here’s a roundup of news and information you’ll find about Upstate in the January issue of Physicians Practice magazine: More long-time smokers may seek screening for lung cancer now that the federal Medicare program has indicated it will pay for … Continue reading

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Survivor develops career in cancer research

Chris Lucchesi’s relationship with cancer began in a high school AP Biology class. “We started learning about cancer and realizing that it’s nothing really crazy,” says Lucchesi, a graduate student in pharmacology in his fifth year at Upstate. “You have … Continue reading

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