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Up Close: A device to connect veins

Microvascular surgery involves transplanting tissue from one part of the body to another, which requires tiny blood vessels to be reconnected. Surgeons such as Jesse Ryan, MD, an assistant professor in the Upstate department of otolaryngology – head and neck … Continue reading

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Science Is Art Is Science: Shining a light on cancer

Urologists at Upstate now offer Blue Light Cystoscopy, a technology that significantly improves the detection of bladder cancers. An hour before the procedure, patients receive about 2 ounces of Cysview imaging solution through a catheter. Cancer cells absorb the solution. … Continue reading

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All together for tai chi (this time, online)

In February, Upstate Oasis and 100 Black Men of Syracuse Inc. teamed up to offer Tai Chi for Arthritis, exercise classes that feature slow, joint-safe movements and breathing to improve strength, mobility, balance and concentration. A month into classes, COVID-19 … Continue reading

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High-demand career: Becoming a respiratory therapist

BY CHARLES McCHESNEY Their place on the front lines caring for those with COVID-19 has brought a greater public awareness of respiratory therapists. With specialized training in caring for those whoe have issues with their hearts and lungs, respiratory therapists … Continue reading

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Urgent options: Lung physiologist explores how to help during a ventilator shortage

BY AMBER SMITH How to help large numbers of people with severe pneumonia during a pandemic had not crossed Gary Nieman’s mind. Now it’s all he thinks about. Nieman is a lung physiologist who has spent his career studying the … Continue reading

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Stroke expertise available in rural areas, thanks to technology

Central New Yorkers who live far from Syracuse can tap into the expertise of the stroke specialists at Upstate University Hospital’s comprehensive stroke center at several regional hospitals that partner with Upstat In those outlying hospitals, interactive computer videoconferencing via … Continue reading

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Different strokes: 3 Central New Yorkers share their health crises

BY AMBER SMITH Anyone can have a stroke. Three people who did, and who were treated recently at Upstate’s Comprehensive Stroke Center, share their experiences, illustrating how strokes differ. The people had different symptoms and different treatments. One is in … Continue reading

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Up close: Meet DIANA

This is the device that helps the pharmacy team in the Upstate Cancer Center mix chemotherapy medications for individual patients. The product name “DIANA” is a tribute to the ICU Medical founder and CEO’s wife, Diana Kostyra Lopez, MD, whose … Continue reading

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Shining a blue light on bladder cancer

BY AMBER SMITH Bladder cancers typically appear in multiple spots in the bladder, and they tend to recur. So, patients undergo repeated cystoscopies, procedures in which doctors peer into their bladders with cameras in search of cancerous cells. A new tool, available … Continue reading

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The future is now: Innovation comes from reimagining health care

BY JIM HOWE An animated cartoon that premiered in 1962 offered a whimsical glimpse of a future where science and technology made everyday tasks a breeze. Who could have predicted six decades ago that several of the advances imagined in the Jetsons’ world … Continue reading

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