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Read about Upstate expertise in Physicians Practice magazine

The February edition of Physicians Practice magazine showcases Upstate experts from gerontology, urology, otolaryngology, nursing and pharmacy, as well as a story about Danielle Laraque-Arena, Upstate’s new president. Physicians Practice is a publication that is distributed to physicians throughout the … Continue reading

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Collection of Upstate news and information in Physicians Practice magazine

Here are some of the news items about Upstate that are included in the January issue of Physicians Practice magazine. Click the magazine at left to view the digital issue. Several construction projects that are in the works at Upstate … Continue reading

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11 additions to Upstate’s Community Campus

Services have expanded, and new technology and equipment has been added to Upstate’s Community Campus in the four years since Upstate University Hospital acquired Community General Hospital. Here are 11 additions to know about: * Two types of specialized emergency … Continue reading

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Penile cancer risk may be increased in obese men

A man would generally notice a small lesion that developed on his penis and would seek medical care before the lesion developed into advanced penile cancer. If that man is severely overweight, his penis may not be visible, enveloped in … Continue reading

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Upstate’s music man: His ‘prescriptions’ target stress

BY AMBER SMITH Patients answer many questions on the paperwork they complete prior to an interventional radiology appointment at Upstate. But when they arrive for a biopsy, catheter installation or other procedure, if their doctor is Mitchell Karmel, MD, patients … Continue reading

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Patient with rare disease joins scientists at international symposium

Tracy Graham of Grandview, Ind., was diagnosed with Birt-Hogg-Dube Syndrome in 2013. The rare disorder—the condition has been reported in only about 400 families—affects the skin and lungs and raises the risk of kidney cancer. So when Tracy found out … Continue reading

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Minimally invasive laser surgery targets excess tissue while leaving prostate intact

An enlarged prostate can affect the flow of a man’s urine and create urgency and frequency issues that can impact his daily activities and sleep. Medications are often prescribed, but they may only offer temporary relief and intolerable side effects. … Continue reading

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When to be concerned about bladder cancer

A medical scan of your abdomen or pelvis may reveal more than what your doctor was looking for. Some specific features of your bladder could indicate cancer, even if you have no pain, bleeding or other symptoms. A follow-up is … Continue reading

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How a tumor is diagnosed

As serious as it is, cancer is usually not an emergency, urologic oncologist Srinivas Vourganti, MD, told visitors to the Upstate Cancer Center this spring. A cancer diagnosis is a step-by-step process that has to be complete before exploring treatment options. … Continue reading

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Missing gene tied to lethal prostate cancer

Men diagnosed with prostate cancer who lack a particular gene called WAVE-1 may have better survival odds if they are treated early. That’s according to research from scientists at Upstate Medical and Harvard universities, who worked together to link the … Continue reading

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