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‘A perfect example of why we became doctors’: Survival depended on a medical team, skillful surgery and a patient’s will to live

BY AMBER SMITH Pat Graham of Lansing wasn’t feeling well the evening of Aug. 31, 2017. A self-described borderline diabetic, he asked his wife to bring a glucose test kit when she came home from her job at Rite-Aid. By … Continue reading

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Resident physician sees increasing awareness of a common mental disorder

BY JIM HOWE Upstate graduate Nicole Cifra, MD, trained with a mentor who told her of his early years as a doctor, some 35 years prior. When he heard a patient had anorexia, he had no idea what that was … Continue reading

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Multiple myeloma is his opponent – and so far, he’s winning

BY SUSAN KEETER Jack Durr sees the oncology team at the Upstate Cancer Center’s office in Oneida for most appointments. Having chemotherapy treatments, blood tests and checkups close to his home in Vernon is important to Durr, 72, who loves … Continue reading

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11 additions to Upstate’s Community Campus

Services have expanded, and new technology and equipment has been added to Upstate’s Community Campus in the four years since Upstate University Hospital acquired Community General Hospital. Here are 11 additions to know about: * Two types of specialized emergency … Continue reading

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Family supports one another through weight loss surgery

The most successful weight loss surgery patients surround themselves with people who have had the surgery, are following the new way of eating and can support the post-operative lifestyle. Sometimes these veteran patients are found within hospital support groups. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Eight ways to burn calories in Central New York in winter

Say you’ve got two hours on a Sunday afternoon in Syracuse. The way you spend that time will determine whether you burn a whole bunch of calories – or not. Keep in mind, the precise number of calories a person … Continue reading

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Heart rate may drop after weight loss surgery

A woman in her 40s came to Upstate University Hospital’s emergency department because of bouts of lightheadedness and passing out. Five months earlier she underwent weight loss surgery. At the hospital, she was found to have a slow heart rate. … Continue reading

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Why breakfast matters so much

If you’re trying to lose weight, make sure you eat breakfast. Upstate registered dietitian Terry Podolak explains why: * You need to “break” the “fast” by refueling after a good night’s sleep, ideally with a meal containing protein, fiber and … Continue reading

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Why is fiber so important to our diets?

1. Fiber aids in digestion. “And the better your digestive system is, the better nutrient absorption you have,” says Upstate registered dietitian Terry Podolak. 2. Fiber can help you feel full, which can help reduce overeating and help improve weight … Continue reading

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